Minister of ICT: Giving services to the deprived areas will be increases

Minister of ICT: Giving services to the deprived areas will be increases
we hope to give services to the deprived areas more than before by creating urban and rural ICT offices and increasing post banks contact points.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Reza Taghipour, Minister of ICT in the opening ceremony of 377 Post bank projects said:" Giving services to people for justice, kindness, and development of the country is considered as one of the main goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran".
"Post Bank has been essentially created to develop banking services in deprived areas that other banks are not presented there", he added.
He noted: "Fortunately, we see that this bank has been providing all banking services in all parts of the country especially in deprived areas since its establishment".
Minister of ICT referred to the Post bank projects and emphasized: "Today ATM has been exploited in 250 branches of rural and urban Post Bank due to the villagers can access to banking services and benefit various services at all hours of the day that citizens in towns and cities can".
"Post Bank can give services by using postal facilities and under a global alliance in areas where other banks are not presented so it must provide on-line services for the villagers such as what has provided for citizens", he continued.
According to the report, Dr. Mohebbian Araghi, CEO of Post bank public section has provided a report of the company's performance at the ceremony and said:" Post bank has been considered as a bank and banking infrastructure with 14 thousand branches in towns and villagers of the country".
He pointed to ICT offices and said that two million of seven million accounts opened in Post bank branched belonged to the villagers and also one million and 300 thousand accounts were related to the targeted subsidies.
He continued: "Today, Post bank is an International brand so we hope that international and foreign exchange services will boom in the bank more than before and an effective relation will be established with other countries".
Mohammad Hassan Mohebbian Araghi said:" Ministry of ICT has supported Post bank more times and we hope to double Post bank branches and services until the end of next year by serious plans in the villages as well as international arena".
"We hope to provide new services in villages and cities in the future and under ministry of ICT protection", he emphasized.

Feb 27, 2011 10:50


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