Minister of ICT: ICT companies' position should be increased

Minister of ICT: ICT companies' position should be increased
If the position of experts and artisan in ICT domain determines, the number of top ICT firms will be increased annually.
PR of the Ministry of ICT- Dr. Reza Taghipour in the conference of Iran's top companies said: "considering the existence of potential in ICT area its market share will be increased in evaluation of top economic companies".
He pointed to the rich resources in the field of ICT and said: "specialists and software are considered as the original items in ICT field so our country is very rich by having the considerable expertise in this area".
"However, despite the rich resources, we do not located in a proper position in terms of market potential, yet according to the assessments conducted more than 40 percent of the market is not still open", he added.
Minister of ICT emphasized: "ICT market has allocated more than 2 percent of GDP that this figures can be reached to 4.5 percent by considering the potential of the country".
He stated that the share of ICT services in GDP has been eight thousand and 100 billion Tomans last year and emphasized: It should pay attention to the structures to grant the permits and take advantage of foreign companies in order to increase the capacity of ICT market in the country".
Minister of ICT emphasized to the importance of integration and networking in economic groups and said: "Statistics of successful industrialized countries show that they had right strategic analysis of industrial environments and appropriate scenarios for progress".
According to the report and the announcement of industrial management organization, MCI, Iran Mobin expanding electronic, Irancell communication services and Iran Electronics Industries were considered as Top companies in the country for sales and income indicators that allocated the ranks of 9, 20, 25 and 50 respectively.
Also, MCI has achieved the first grade of national ICT in the conference and by industrial management organization of the country and also has been chosen as one of tenth pioneer companies which has the highest profitable.

Feb 16, 2011 12:30


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