Radiation Safety in mobile networks will be reviewed

Radiation Safety in mobile networks will be reviewed
The seminar for the radiation safety in mobile networks will be held in order to Inform and answer transparently and scientifically to the questions of the society.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Dr. Kardan, Head of the seminar said:" some reports about BTS Antennas development and installation have been provided to the people by expanding and developing the mobile networks".
"Therefore, we are trying to review this matter scientifically and transparently in this one-day conference attended by the university experts and researchers and the relevant agencies such as CRA, the Atomic Energy Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Parliament Members", he added.
He pointed that the conference would be held on January 31th (11th of Bahman) in the Conference Hall of Shahid Beheshti University and with the efforts of Iran Community of radiation protection and cooperation of CRA and the Atomic Energy Organization.
Dr. Kardan by referring to the subjects will be reviewed in the conference said:" subjects such as international standards supporting in this area and comparing the situation with similar situations in other countries around the world will be studied and evaluated".
According to the report, Dr. Fard , the secretary of the scientific committee of the conference said that the participants in the conference were including : the representatives in the field of health, environmental, technical, telecommunications engineering, regulations, and mobile service's providers.
The other subjects that will be reviewed in the conference are including:" the health effects of microwaves, regulatory viewpoint and it's role in radiation safety, national radiation standard in mobile network, the environmental effects of mobile's waves and the existent standards as well as the health considerations in this area".

Jan 29, 2011 16:27


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