Deputy of MCI announced: Giving discount on the services packages

Deputy of MCI announced: Giving discount on the services packages
The service's packages will be offered with a discount by order of the minister of ICT to cooperate with the government for implementing the targeted subsidies.

PR of the ministry of ICT – Otoofi, Deputy of marketing in MCI, in the lottery ceremony of Navid-e-hamrah project said:" market reviews and defining the discount packages will be finalized till the end of the current month and implemented at the beginning of next year".
"MCI has offered some discounts before by selling SIM card to the youth that led to reduce 50 percent of the cost of the credit SIM cards", he added.
He pointed: "The other actions taken by the company to stabilize and reduce the cost of providing services are including: 70 percent discount for users of multimedia systems (MMS) as well as offering GPRS".
Otoofi about people demands for non-person payment the bills said: "according to the available information and statistics, more than 50 percent of permanent subscribers are paying their bills electronically".
"On the other hand and by finalizing the government plans, we are trying to increase this figure to about 70 percent", he continued.
Deputy of marketing in MCI by referring to the measures taken for making the culture of non-person payment said: "two services has been launched for this aim till now and a new service will be provided to increase the non-person bill payments till the end of this month".
He emphasized: "Payment Bank is one of the services that people can open an account in Saderat Bank and permit the bank to pay their bills automatically from the mentioned account".
Otoofi referred to 09990 as another service and said:" "Jyring" service will be active for some subscribers up to the next month and they can pay their bills electronically through that".
He said that holding lottery schemes, such as Navid-e-hamrah project, was another strategy to make culture for e-government and added: "giving a privilege to the subscribers who charge their card electronically is considered as another way".
According to the report, in the ceremony that was held with attendance of the representatives of IRIB and the relevant institutions, the lottery of Navid-e-hamrah project has been done and the winners have received 9 vehicles new Mazda 3, nine vehicles Samand L x, 90 vehicles Pride, 900 mobile handset devices with credit SIM card and 9000 units of charge card with 200 Thousand Rials.

Jan 5, 2011 15:12


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