Head of Iran's IT Organization announced: Developing e-government in eight provinces

E-government will be developed in eight large provinces by implementing the agreement between Iran's IT organization and the governors of the provinces.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Ali Hakim Javadi, Head of Iran's IT organization in the ceremony of signing the agreement between the organization and eight provinces said:" implementing e-government and e- services is one of the main programs of tenth government".
He said that some good steps had taken to implement the infrastructures by the government and continued:" we hope that e-government will be implemented during the fifth program by these infrastructures and the governor's helps".
"Increasing electronic preparation and electronic services development in the provinces are considered as the aims of the ministry of ICT for cooperating with the governors", he pointed.
Deputy Minister of ICT said that eight provinces active in this domain had been chosen and continued: "before this, e-government has been implemented in Bushehr province as a model and with the governor's cooperation and now is ready for use".
"Therefore, 21 e-services will be accessible through this portal in addition to creating data center", he continued.
Hakim Javadi, pointed to supporting the tech companies, which act in IT domain, in the provinces as the aim of implementing this agreement and said: "Right now, tech companies and academic and research centers are active in the provinces and their capability should be used for organizing the provincial and out-provinces projects".
He said that IT is one of the main tools for implementing targeted subsidies and social justice and emphasized: "we should use the executive arms that will be created in the provinces, as a strong arm beside the government to implement the targeted subsidies."
Head of Iran's IT Organization said: "IT organization has defined the needed standards for designing the applications software and the infrastructure issues and also, the provinces' needs for work group will be provided by this organization as the executive arm of the ICT work group".
According to the report, Dr. Mo'men Bellah, Deputy Minister for Planning and Strategic Monitoring pointed that schedule is the main component for each development and emphasized: "two goals that has been following up in the ministry of ICT during the ninth and tenth government are including: creating the infrastructure and increasing the access to the communication services as well as implementing e-government."
"Some useful programs have been performed last year and with Dr. Taghipour attendance for implementing the government's goals and we hope the needed programs for developing these areas will be defined and implemented by the governors during the fifth development plan", he added.
Dr. Mo'men Bellah by referring to the National Festival of ICT said:" the festival will be held on May 17th in the next year and the TOPs of ICT domain will be introduced from the perspective of the Ministry of ICT".
According to the report, in the event, the agreement of collaboration between Iran IT organization and eight governor's offices such as Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Isfahan, Fars, Golestan and Mazandaran has been signed.

Jan 4, 2011 15:25


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