Board members and inspectors of Afta Cooperative have been appointed.

Board members and inspectors of Afta Cooperative have been appointed yesterday; in the first common session of the General Assembly of Afta Cooperative that was hold for the second time.

PR of the Ministry of ICT –the first session was not held due to the limited members so the Cooperative Statute has been reviewed in the second session with the members and representatives from the Ministry of Cooperatives and it has been approved with a majority of votes.
Also, Ettelaat and Jomhourieslami newspapers have been chosen to publish the announcements.
According to the report Mahmoud Hratyan nezhadi, Mohammad Bagher Zohouri far, Ahmad Rahmani, Reza sheibani and Ebrahim Hamedi have been appointed as the members of the board.
Mohammad Reza Tolloe Beidokhti and Mahmoud Mousavi Khamsooee have been appointed as the substitute Board members, too.
It should be mentioned that two members named Ali Eftekhari and Afshin Shalchi were selected as the main inspectors and Hossein Shafie as the substitute inspector by the audience agreement.
The cooperative has formed to promote and strengthen the partnerships, collaboration and cooperation in the fields of research, engineering and education, economic, and business services.
It should be mentioned, the Cooperative will act as a" professional parent company" that will allow to establish numerous companies to do the extensive activities in various areas of ICT.

Jan 4, 2011 15:25


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