Head of ISA announced: Research contract was concluded to review space treaties

Head of ISA announced: Research contract was concluded to review space treaties
Some research contracts have been settled with domestic reliable academic centers to review and analyze space treaties.
PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Mohammad Ali Forghani, Minister’s Deputy and Head of ISA, said: “One of more important aspects of space activities is space law issues which is done on a parallel with scientific and technical consequences”.
He called space law as an inseparable part of this area and restated: “ISA, by considering its importance, has begun some extensive research projects”.
“These projects are followed in two levels: in-house and cooperative with domestic academic center”.
Deputy of the minister talked about the implementing activities and said: “We can refer to some of activities in this area such as: preparing an archive of all legal and lawful, scientific and international documents as well as international agreements and contracts in space activities in ISA”.
He pointed to the vast cooperation done with sub-legal committee of atmosphere beyond space to cover extensive goals.
Head of ISA expressed that these cooperation are followed due to raise the proportion of our country to advance and develop space international law and be aware of daily evolutions.
He emphasized: “One of the other consequences of ISA in this area is to conclude research contracts with domestic reliable academic centers”.
Dr. Mohammad Ali Forghani continued: “According to these agreements the mentioned centers will give their legal authority’s proposals and recommendations to ISA while review and analyze the space treaties”.
May 31, 2010 10:16


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