CEO of TIC announced: 78 percent increasing in Internet bandwidth

CEO of TIC announced: 78 percent increasing in Internet bandwidth
National Internet bandwidth has been reached to 137 STM1with 78 percent of growth during the past year and by the efforts.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Mahmoud Khosravi in a news meeting said:" It has been done extensive efforts to increase the network's capacity and also to create more security in the network during the last four years".
"Connecting to Europe through 16 STM1 from the north as well as creating the connection through Turkey is the activities that have been implemented in this area", he added.
He pointed that it is supposed to connect from Astara and Armenia by 4 links of 64 STM in the last proceeding and on the basis of a contract which has been signed in Russia recently.
CEO of TIC restated:" These efforts have been done for reducing disorders in the network after disconnecting in international ports and two disconnections have been occurred in the Mediterranean Sea during the past four months".
He mentioned to GBI contract and said: "According to this contract about 300 thousand dollars will be paid to Iran by the company annually and also the country will be connected to all Persian Gulf states".
Mahmoud Khosravi mentioned that the Core and Super Core projects will be executed this year and emphasized: "The country's infrastructural network capacity will be increased to 10 times by this project".
"This project's equipments have been installed and the required tests are doing in three regions so we hope this project will be operated during the next six month by the efforts", he added.
CEO of TIC about the latest situation of VOIP companies said:" The contract of three TIC's contractors will be extended for another year based on the final agreement ".
He continued that 114 companies which have provided their services in the provinces by CRA permissions before will be organized soon.
"Based on the schedule, these companies will provide services in the form of two cooperative associations by using TIC's facilities", he noted.
Mahmoud Khosravi referring to the integrated signaling project and said:" The project has been executed and the operators have been connected through this network".
He referred to the goals of the fifth program and said:" Among the considered aims for the fifth program contains of creating the integrated, stable, safe and qualitative infrastructural network for the slogan materialization "offering the services to anybody, in anywhere and anytime".

May 23, 2010 10:41


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