Head of CRA: Managing communication sector without executing

After executing principle 44, the view point of Ministry of ICT is to manage the sector in a coordinated system without any executing.
PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Mohammad Karampour in WTISD anniversary said: “Last year one of the largest economic and technological enterprises was ceded to the private sector”.
“Therefore now the governmental affiliated companies are trying to execute the defined goals in a coordinated effort”, he added.
He restated that during the past five or six years in Iran there was a good procedure to establish a competitive market. Currently CRA on behalf of Ministry of ICT, considering to the government’s benefits, manages all operators especially users of this area’s services and supervises the clearness, justice, fairness, morality, serving level and market controlling principles regarding to the basis of competition.
Head of CRA referred to 67 billion Tomans, the predicted income of the third operator during its 15 years activity and said: “The suggested share is 23.6 percent and 16 percent of trade plan is the bottom of the cabinet’s income if the third operator’s income would not be materialized”.
He added that the nominal sum will be about 16 thousand billion Tomans during the next 15 years activity according to 23.6 percent if the income would be materialized completely.
Expressing that the royalty of license issue of the third operator is 401 billion Tomans Karampour said: “Currently there are 11 PAP company, 7 SAP company, 5 satellite providers and 35 WiMAX company as well as 3 mobile phone main operators in the country”.
According to this report, Saber Feizi, CEO of TCI was the other speaker of this anniversary who referred to establishment of competitive space and entrance of the private operators into ICT market of the country and said: “In condition of privatization of TCI and activating the private sector in ICT Bazaar into the country it is necessary to make a proper culture, union, and compatibility more than before”.
He continued that TCI’s privatization was implemented after Supreme Leader’s order and the cabinet’s emphasis and Dr. Soleimani’s own decision and this company started the current year with the privatization laws.
He referred to the execution of subsidy targeted plan in the near future and said: “Regarding to this year as the year of subsidy targeted plan one of the most effective subjects is ICT”.
CEO of TCI added that if we can convert all the face to face applying to online system and e-proceedings its cost will be less than the cost of a petrol tank of a car with the lowest mag.
By referring to the privatization of TCI Feizi said: “Today win-to-win bazaar and converting the procedures should be paid attention both in view point of controlling or service providers”.
This report indicated that Dezfouli as the other speaker of this ceremony reported the situation of the current network of Irancell and expressed: “Currently about 12 thousands BTS have been set which is a unique statistic”.
By remaining the foreign investment in Irancell he said that now $1.2 billion investment has been materialized into the country through Irancell and since the early of its activity till now 45 thousand billion Rials has been paid to the cabinet from Irancell’s income.
As the most important proceedings of this operator he referred to Roaming for the credit SIM cards and added that while it is not common to have roaming on the credit SIM cards in world’s and also national operators Irancell company started this motion and now has roaming on the credit SIM cards with 151 operators in 92 country.
By referring to international statistics he said: “The bandwidth of mobile phone has been increased 8 times since 2006 till 2009 and the average data income of the operators’ total income without counting SMS has been 9 percent. But this statistic is less than 2 percent in our country”.
He continued: “The necessity of using Internet for all classes of the society as well as increasing the penetration rate of Internet are the benefits of service development of bandwidth and the operators are the proper factor to serve that”.

May 22, 2010 15:05


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