Reza Taghipour: Communication is at IT service

Good infrastructures have been prepared in the country now by the efforts made in the past so it should be paid attention to the results and outputs in this area today

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Reza Taghipour in WTISD and public Relations anniversary said:" All networks and topics are going toward the information integration for better playing role in human life and the slogan of "better city, better life with ICT" that has been appointed by the World Telecommunication Union so it should be acted in this field and knowledge management in this area is very valuable".
"It can be said that the knowledge management was posed as the main mission of IT today in the discussion of information management systems so IT has had an extensive effect in human life", he added.
Minister of ICT mentioned that last year has been named as the year of "Reforming consumption pattern" by supreme leader and this year he restated that this will be a permanent slogan and said: "Use of the new and advanced technologies, especially information technology is one of the main axes of reforming consumption pattern".
Reza Taghipour emphasized: "We have a great mission and in order to promote the sacred system we should be able to highlight the IT role so that we can achieve many successes".
"Today, regarding to the existent rich human resources and experts in this area and many other resources we can consider a place in Iran's dignity for this area definitely", he continued.
Minister of ICT said:" Regarding to our aims in knowledge areas over the past 31 years we can attain to a knowledge-based society which can be a main goal in our system so the authorities in this area are responsible for this mission".

May 22, 2010 14:22


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