CEO of MCI announced: Online Payment of Six Million Bills

CEO of MCI announced: Online Payment of Six Million Bills
In the last period of the last solar year, 1388, about six million and 500 thousands bills have been paid online.
PR of the Ministry of ICT – Vahid Sadooghi, CEO of MCI in a news conference said: “In this step, the most of payments have been done by ATMs and telephone banking, Internet, and POS have the next ranks”.
"During the last two years, about 36 million bills have been paid online so 36 million extra civil trips have been omitted”, he added.
He restated that the most online payments have been done in Karaj city includes 85 percent of the bills. Northern Khorasan with 70 percent and Tehran city with 60 percent have respectively second and third rank in online payment.
CEO of MCI referred to the current programs and said: “Maintaining the promotion of mobile phone network’s quality and managing the priorities of entering in stock exchange market are some programs of the current year:
He emphasized that the other program of 1389 is to buy 40 percent of WiMAX overall operator shares due to enter into WiMAX area and offer this service. 
Vahid Sadooghi continued: “Offering 12 value-added new services such as credit transition, waiting music, and mobile news in the first half of current year are the other programs prepared and codified”.
He talked about mobile phone network development procedures and restated that now more than 37 million and 420 thousands credit or permanent SIM Cards have been given to the clients.
By explained about 18 thousands and 800 mobile phone sites installed and launched all over the country and said 5.83 percent of the main roads of the country covered by this network which seven thousands and 60 kilometers of it have been accessible in 1388, the last solar year.
He pointed: “91 percent of the country’s population and 59 percent of rural areas have been covered by mobile phone network”.
CEO of MCI talked also about the conversations’ quality level in Tehran and said that the quality of access to mobile phone network in Tehran rose up more than 4.98 percent.
He continued: “Therefore the percentage of success talk has reached to 7.93 and interruption to 27.1”.
May 19, 2010 12:52


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