CEO of ISA: Space Industrial Centers are organized

CEO of ISA: Space Industrial Centers are organized
One of ISA’s priorities during the current year is to organize and coherence Space Industrial Centers.
PR of the Ministry of ICT –Dr. Mohammad Ali Forghani, deputy of the minister and CEO of ISA, said: “The policies, priorities, and programs of ISA have been codified and we try to execute them by double endeavor”.
"National research and training infrastructure development in the field of space science and technology, activating the preparation and supply sector of satellite images in ISA are some of codified programs of the current year”, he added.
Dr. Mohammad Ali Forghani talked about active presence in domestic and international assemblies as the other programs and said: “By a powerful presence in spite of defending our sovereignty rights in international assemblies, we will be effective in global decisions.
The other sector will be taking into account seriously in the year of “Double Ambition, Double Endeavor” is to prepare and codify the regulations, orders and by-laws in the field of space because space law is inseparable part of this area.
Deputy of minister of ICT named optimizing the human resource structure as the other goal and explained that the human resource arrangement has to improve due to execute the predicted goals.
He pointed to obtain the required licenses to attract the elite graduated.
CEO of ISA expressed about the other codified programs and said: “Codifying space standards, deploying object refinement and space signals network, and preparing and launching several new satellites are the other codified programs which will be executed till the end of current year”.
May 9, 2010 16:46


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