Exact measure of Internet user's number at a glance

Exact measure of Internet user's number at a glance
ITC has been obligated to do the measurement project for internet users' by the ministry of ICT in order to determine a scientific acceptable formula and ending the statistical differences.
It’s a long time that determining the accurate statistics of users has been disputed between the authorities so that officials have been sensitive about the exact number of Internet users and they have complained about disorders and different numbers and indicators.
While accurate statistics of users who access to data network is one of the important indicators in the field of IT and also is important for evaluation and development planning and it can provide valuable information to make the future policies in this area.
Therefore, ITC has been obligated to do the measurement project for internet users' by the ministry of ICT in order to determine a scientific acceptable formula and ending the statistical differences.
Project Start
 ITC of Iran has been named as the specialist arm for the ministry of ICT in IT area since 2008 that sovereignty tasks had been delegated to that. So it had decided to achieve the performance status of IT indicators in the country, especially the approved indicators performance of fourth development plan document.
According to the company's officials, performance audit is not the aim of operating IT indicators performance measurement in the country. 
But propose of the beneficiaries is to detect the reasons for performance differences of the program by notifying the function to the society thus authorities of each index can do the appropriate measures by defining the reparative programs.  Especially now at the beginning of the fifth development plan and the criteria are approving and getting quantitative.
PR of the Ministry of ICT - Amir Hossein Mohebb Ali general director of planning and control programs in ITC pointed that the estimated number of Internet users indicator is one of the fourth development plan indicators and continued:" On the other hand, diversion in the performance of program can cause to draw the quantities goals unrealistically or a little fantastically in some cases and this feedback can define the real goals in the future".
He believes that knowing the current situation and the done works will be the first step to start the fifth five-year plan.  He says: it needs to give the forth five – years program to the drafters for developing the indicators more realistic and regarding to the end of the fourth development plan, we need to have the final year number to target it.
Of course, available indexes of document must be analyzed in order to each organization's data finally.
Methods of measuring the network access penetration rate
Measuring network access penetration rate has been divided into penetration rate of Internet users access and the domestic data traffic ratio to total traffic created in the forth program.
The base of measuring the product rate of generative traffic is only in the origin with the IP protocol in Internet penetration rate indicator, while in the second index if the generative traffic aim be in the country or the host of Internet sites be domestic they will be the measurement criterion.
In the other words, share of demand will be evaluated more for measuring Internet penetration rate, while the ratio of supply and demand will be evaluated together in the domestic data traffic into total data traffic indicator so this section is one on the most important indicators for developing in the countries based on the production and dissemination of knowledge rate, production of electronic content and providing the applicants services on Internet network bed.
As Mohebb Ali, Project Director of performance evaluation of national IT indicators said establishing e-government is one of the most important factors in raising the indicator of domestic data traffic ratio to whole traffic.
Necessity of Performance Evaluation
At the beginning of fifth national development plan, the first problem we faced to is to be inefficient the method of calculating performance evaluation of Internet penetration rate and domestic data traffic ratio to total traffic epenthetic in forth plan’s document.
Mohebb Ali pointed to global high speed raise of IT and Internet different access methods exploitation as the major reason of this inefficiency and added: “In the plan’s document, it has to follow a formula as the calculating method but formula dependency is to Internet international gates of the country and just reliance on dialup access method. While now the access methods contain dialup, ADSL, Wireless, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and Mobile”.
“Regarding to the importance of the matter and necessity of performance situation counting of domestic IT indicators, especially forth development plan’s IT indicators, a project was defined as “performance evaluation of national IT indicators” and a consultant was selected at the beginning of the last solar year to clear and codify the procedure of gathering, analyzing, and codifying the number of each indicator. At the mid of the last solar year, 1388, the selection process of a contractor was started to execute the evaluation operation and finalized at the end of the year so the executive operation has been started at the beginning of this solar year,1389”.
As Project Director of performance evaluation of national IT indicators said by selecting the executive consultant of the plan, since the first of last Esfand performance evaluation was set up and the consultant observer has cleared the calculating methods during the last 8 months.
By referring to the indicators of forth 5-year plan as the domestic IT development indicators, Mohebb Ali restated: “One of the consultant’s duties is to investigate and consult to select evaluation operation for two indicators of seven international valid indicators such as IDI, DOI, ICTOA, and electronically readiness so by applied study he has to introduce the most universality indicator in all over the world”.
Project’s Specification
7 months were allocated to execute the evaluation operation part of the program and the limitation of evaluation operation contains all the organizations epenthetic in article 160 of forth development plan’s law or in the other word all the organizations inclusion article 5 of civil services management law, as he said.
Mohebb Ali expressed that the contractors give some advices to the organizations. They take the information of indicators’ performance and investigate and compile them along with the observer and finally the result of indicators would be published.
He predicted the publication time of the document of performance’s result on the next Mehr. It’s decided also to held a summit on the next Khordad and invite all executive organizations agents of IT to describe the procedure and related process.
Agreement with Sharif Industrial University
In parallel and regarding to the necessity of calculating and declaring penetration rate of domestic Internet users and inefficiency of epenthetic method in the plan’s document, currently ITC started the evaluation of the mentioned indicator independently.
By referring to the agreement contracted with Sharif Industrial University in the last Ordibehesht, Mohebb Ali said: “It’s decided to up to date the approved formula’s variants and coefficients and then Sharif Industrial University has to review and recodify the existence formula during 7 months if it is necessary”.
Iran Statistic Center
He referred to the possibility of accuracy test of new formula and added that on the other hand because of possibility of new formula’s accuracy test, in another agreement contracted with statistic research center of Iran Statistic Center it’s decided to prepare some questionnaires according to their experiments during 10 months and take a census of a proper statistical population, inclusion of the country, which has a proper class variation to estimate domestic Internet users, in each province, with a proper variant.   
As Project Director of performance evaluation of national IT indicators explained the other goals of this census is to identify the specifications of Internet users such as: age, literacy level, activity, access point, alternation period and the kind of Internet utilizing.
Progress Rate
Finally Mohebb Ali emphasized on efforts done to reach the results as soon as possible and expressed: “Currently two mentioned agreements’ results have presented by the contractors and technical deputy of the company is compiling and finalizing the outputs. There is hope to access to the ultimate results and new and updated formula for all domestic IT beneficiaries.
It should be mentioned that the census of Internet users is the first practical step to identify performance evaluation of national IT indicators. The main goal of executing this plan is to identify the number of Internet users in each province as well as some users’ specifications such as: age, literacy level, activity, access point, alternation period and the kind of Internet utilizing.

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