Minister of ICT: Minister's deputy of technology and international affairs was appointed

Minister of ICT: Minister's deputy of technology and international affairs was appointed
Reza Taghipour appointed Dr. Mahdi Akhavan Behabadi as the minister's deputy of technology and international affairs.
PR of the Ministry of ICT –The text of the sentence issued by Taghipour states: "Mr. Mahdi Akhavan Behabadi, consider your competence, good backgrounds, obligation and valuable experiences in various management areas as well as indefatigable, studious and revolutionary morale, you have appointed as the minister's deputy of technology and international affairs in accordance with this sentence".
The main expectations are the following:
1. Making policy, supervising on programs as well as strategic and operational plans of IT in the ministry area, affiliated companies, organizations and centers,
 2. Supporting the development of private sector's activities with emphasis on knowledgebase companies development through managing and presenting the administered funds loans,
3. Predisposing for growth and excellence of knowledge and new technologies in the field of ICT through strengthening the targeted and controlled occasions with the domestic and foreign scientific and industrial centers and communities,
4.  Making policy, leading and supervising on development of national ICT networks by coordination and using the predicted legal methods, structures and tools,
5. Coordinating and converging ITC, ICT research institute, and TIC to make unity to materialize macro goals of the ministry,
6. Making policy to create, maintain, continue, and develop the powerful presence of the country in ICT field (by emphasizing on private sector’s ability) internationally (technical knowledge and expert equipments exportation) with double regards to the neighbor countries and countries which have strategic relations with I.R.Iran,
7. Indicating the policies, guide-lines, strategies, and implementing the methods due to continue an effective presence and promote the situation of Iran (representing of respective ministry) in international and regional communities and unions in ICT and space field,
8. Making a proper ground and offering required facilities and supports due to establish proper ties between some domestic teaching, research and industry center in the field of ICT and affiliated parts of respective ministry,
9. Following the implementation of the commitments and contracts between I.R.Iran and the other countries in the field of ICT.
There is hope to do the entrusted duties seriously and studiously in the frame of law to materialize the cabinet’s quadruplet principles containing: justice orientation, kindness, serving to the people, developing and promoting material and immaterial aspects of the country as well as tending to divine virtue. In trust to God we hope you also to success in all plans and entrusted duties in cooperation with all of the deputies, managers and counterparts of all parts as well as senior and middle managers of the ministry and the affiliated companies and organizations specially ITC, TIC, and ICTRI”.

May 4, 2010 16:29


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