Reza Taghipour: Scientific competition is the top line in the world

Reza Taghipour: Scientific competition is the top line in the world
Knowledge should be managed in such a way that provides the competition possibility in the world.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Reza Taghipour during the visit of Salamatbakhsh girlish guidance school, in occasion of teacher week, said:" Knowledge and science area should have developed in our country regarding to the existence situations".
"Currently, the countries are successful that their economic is knowledge base and supply their savings in the world markets in the best price ", he added.
He referred to the presence of women in tenth cabinet for the first time after the revolution victory and emphasized:" By creating the proper spaces for the responsibility of women, the seats are awaited for the knowledge and science studious ones in the future".
Minister of ICT referring to the name of 89 solar year as "The double ambition double endeavor" and said:" Students and researchers should show Iranian can climb not only the progress climax but in all scientific fields and areas successfully by double ambition and double endeavor".
He named martyr Motahhari as the great teacher of the revolution, ethics and humanity and said:" Naming teacher week simultaneity with this noble teacher martyrdom, provides an opportunity for all to appreciate and thank the efforts of teachers".

May 2, 2010 16:47


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