CEO of TCI announced: Using the domestic products to develop the network

CEO of TCI announced: Using the domestic products to develop the network
The telecommunication products will not be imported if they can be made by domestic producers and in accordance with the existence standards.

PR of the Ministry of ICT - Saber Feizi CEO of TCI said:" Now some domestic products are active in the network and the domestic experts are removing the problems existed in this field".
"Telecommunication Company of Iran will use the domestic products as long as subscribers can provide their required services by them easily", he added.
CEO of TCI referred to the company's protection of domestic productions and restated:" It has been avoided to import some telecom products which can be produced in the country in order to support the domestic productions before but the mentioned list is on the telecommunications complex plan yet".
"TCI will support the domestic production more than before and after the privatization process and without some restrictions of public sector", he pointed.
Saber Feizi about the rural telecommunications network development said it will be equipped in accordance with CRA opinion.
"The rural Development will be done in the form of USO and based on the budget and planning that will be allocated for that by CRA regarding to TCI's license", he emphasized.

Apr 24, 2010 15:43


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