CEO of MCI announced: Tehran coverage development by 526 mobile antennas

CEO of MCI announced: Tehran coverage development by 526 mobile antennas
526 BTS stations will be activated in the current year in order to develop the mobile network coverage in Tehran.

PR of the Ministry of ICT - Vahid Sadooghi in the PM's visit of MCI said:" It will be done to increase subscriber's satisfaction and reduce the complaints in this area".
"According to the weekly statistics, the percentage of the successful calls is more than 93 while the subscriber's access to the network has been reached to more than 98 percent in Tehran currently ", he added.
He pointed:" Regarding to the statistics, the network quality has been reached to more than 95 percent last year and throughout the country that it has been grown about five percent in compare with the same time before".
CEO of MCI referred to the proceeds done in order to improve the mobile network quality in Tehran and said: "The steps which have been done in this field include: redesigning all sites in Tehran, providing the necessary coverage and capacity in the ceremonies and celebrations as well as improving the network quality indicators".
"In order to develop mobile network throughout the country and by launching the new BTS sites, the number of these sites has been reached to more than 18 thousand and 900 last year", he continued.
He emphasized it's possible to send and receive nearly 11 thousand messages every second now by developing SMSC center's capacity.
Vahid Sadooghi by referring to the status of mobile coverage across the country restated: "All cities and about 60 percent of the villages and also more than 47 thousand Kms of the country's roads have been covered by First Operator Network currently".
He expressed that 91 percent of the population have been covered by this network and added: "More than 37 million and 750 thousand SIM cards have been submitted to the applicants that about 22 million of them are credit SIM Cards.
CEO of MCI about the company's performance in the national fifth development plan said:" Materialization of 399 percent of the program aims in the field of mobile establishment and also 260 percent of these goals in the field of this type of phone's penetration rate are a part of the expert's efforts in MCI complex during the fourth development plan".
According to the report, members of Industries and Mines Commission of the Parliament and deputy of parliament and legal affairs of ministry of ICT have been presented in the meeting in addition of senior managers of MCI Complex.
At the end of the meeting MPs expressed satisfaction about the efforts and the presented technical description and they hoped it will be continued to improve the network quality ever increasing.
According to this report MPs emphasized that statistics and information provided by both mobile operators must be approved by CRA before presenting them to the parliament.

Apr 21, 2010 17:46


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