Payam; A company with a variety of services

Payam; A company with a variety of services
2010 was a beginning to establish a hard working complex so according to the authority's decision it was supposed to establish an air support system for telecom towers in the impassable areas and finally it was started by using some helicopters and continued by building Payam airport.

After launching the air mail transportation and follow up done, the permission to establish Payam special economic zone has been issued under the ministry of ICT supervision for creating a complete complex and offering the unique services.
Activities have been done in four different areas as a special economic zone, international airport, airline and postal hub now, as CEO of Payam said.
Payam is the only company that has an equipped and active international airport for mail and load transportation.
There is no limitation to use different kinds of aircraft regarding to the facilities in this airport and they will have flight in all domestic and international routes as a charter or plan fly.
On the other hand the company has five possessive and one leased aircraft and also a helicopter that use for transporting.
Payam special economic zone is the other active sectors in this complex that its development has been accelerated so special since 2006 till now as Mr. Mohebbi CEO of this zone stated the investment volume from the investors in this region has been reached about 123 billion Tooman during 2007 till 2009 while it was about tow billion and 700 million Toomans before 2007.
Total owned land in this zone was only five points in 2006 while it was increased to 105 pieces at the end of last year by efforts and 15 pieces have been offered to the applicants during the first month of this year.
Therefore more than 138 thousand square meters of land has been allocated to the investors during 2007 till 2009 and 15 thousand meters have been allocating to new investors.
On the other hand the presence of investors in Payam special economic zone has been created more than one thousand and 400 new jobs.
As Payam CEO Statement, the investors in various trends such as electrical and electronics industries, metal, non-metal, air, medical and warehousing have been accepted in the zone.
The permission for creating the postal dock or hub in the Middle East has been gained from the World Postal Union in 2005 despite of three main options of the posed activities and it was begun to build it in 2007 in Payam special economic zone.
A large amount of its executive work is finished and it will be exploited and started to transport very soon, as the officials said.
Postal hub is a central modem for incoming and outgoing mail streams for final delivering to the domestic and regional destinations.
But this region development does not end here and according to the program announced by the complex managers development of different parts of the aircraft parking and creating second and third phases of special economic zone will be executed during the fifth country's development program.

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