1388the Year of Changes in Communication Area

1388the solar year, passed its last days while the experts believe there are so many deep and prodigious changes in ICT area. Beginning tenth government’s duties and then changing minister of ICT may be are the most influential events on ICT decision-making area.
Some parts of these changes are to disjoin Telecommunication Co. and finalize its privatization as well as offering new services such as WiMAX.
Therefore we tried to provide a summary report about the most important events of 1388 and some changes in ICT area.

Beginning Tenth Government’s Duty
After the presidential election and at the beginning of tenth government’s duties, Reza Taghipour has been introduced to the parliament by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the minister of ICT.
Regarding to Taghipour’s background and his efforts in the ministry’s complex, the PMs welcomed his points of view with no dissent in the day of vote of confidence so as one of tenth government’s ministers he could gain PMs’ maximum trust.
Reza Taghipour considered to IT and offering e-services by using existent beds as his the most important plan.
So during the first 6 months, he could organize ICT Management Work Group in the government by agreement of the Cabinet therefore this act causes to accelerate the process of approving and implementing the ICT plans by this Act.
The experts believe that approving six main subjects in IT area by this work group is one of positive and sensible results after its organizing.
Reza Taghipour named this government as “The First e-Government” during this 6-month effort according to his defined plans.

A Program with ICT Tone
One of the other areas considered by the media and called as one of ICT consequences by the experts is to concentrate on ICT in fifth national development plan.
As Deputy of Communication and Planning of the ministry said there are 23 articles to develop national ICT in the bill of fifth development plan provided to the parliament by the cabinet.
Developing e-government, e-commerce, offering e-services as well as validating e-documents and decreasing paper documents are considered in ICT sector of the bill of fifth development plan.
Also in the bill of fifth development plan there is a significant attention to expand and develop Iranian-Islamic Culture in the virtual space so developing and designing the Persian language and script base systems are accelerated.
On the other hand, it is predicted that till the end of fifth plan in spite of offering inter-organization services electronically, 70 percent of state services will be offered to the applicants electronically, too.
Regarding to the authorities, making 80 percent of banking system payments electronic is another defined goal in the bill of fifth development plan.
In Post and Post services area more than 15 new services will be lunched also during fifth national development plan according to the predicted schedules.

A Great Leap to Space
Furthermore the other remarkable and influential event in the last year is to unveil some satellite projects which have been materialized by the domestic young experts although there were many threats and bans. These events make the current year to a year full of success in national satellite industry.
In a short time after executing the 10-year codified plan in space area, it has been stepped forward by Mesbah II, Navid-e elm & sanaat, and Tollue I satellites so fast.
Mesbah II is an advanced satellite grown its speed, data transference, accuracy of controlling system and propellant power in compare with the last models.
As experts believe, in a simple comparison, although the developed countries spent 22 years to be in the space the domestic scientists, in ban situation, spent just 8 years to achieve this success.

The Large Step of Privatization in Communication Area
By notifying the principle 44 policies by the Great Leader, some main steps was taken due to make small the governmental body, establishing a competitive environment, cost reduction and increasing service productivity and quality to the people. Therefore it caused a new evolution in the country especially in telecommunication.
To execute this policies and since the last year, the cession process of TCI accompany with 31 subset company in spite of TIC and ITC was started and finally exited from governmental body and converted to public stock company.
Therefore and regarding to the implemented auction, Tose’e Investment Company could gain 50 percent plus one stocks of Telecommunication by writing the most historical check in Iran with the sum of 15 trillion Rls. The $8 billion deal was completed in the last days of the year by confirming Competitive Council.
The board of directors was completed by Vahid Sadooghi and Nasser Yusefpour as the government and Granted Shares’ representatives and Dr. Ghaffarian from Tose’e Investment Company, Dr. Seyed Hashemi from Mobin Co. and Mehrdadi from Mahestan Co. as the private sector’s representatives which are TCI buyer.
But it would not be the end of privatization story in Ministry of ICT Complex. Now there are some continuous efforts to supply the stocks of Post Company and Post Bank into exchange market which we hope to see the main steps in this area during the next year.

The Good News for Internet
Increasing overseas bandwidth during the current year grown about 2 times and received from 70 STM1 to more than 130 STM1 is one of the good news for Internet in 1388, the solar year, and as the authorities said it will be increased if there are more customers.
On the other hand, regarding to the statistics and information, Internet penetration rate achieved to 35 percent and the situation of Internet transfer rate is currently more than 32 Gbps.
Also ceding WiMAX by the private operators is the other good news of this year which can make the infrastructure of offering e-services to the people, as the experts believe.
Regarding to the license awarded by ministry of ICT to these companies, Mobin Net Co. in all provinces, Iran Cell in 6 provinces, Isfahan Mobile Cooperative Association in Isfahan, and Golestan Computer Danesh Co. in Golestan Province will offer this service to the clients.

Communication Development of the Villages
Regarding to the article 40 of 4th 5-year plan, it has emphasized on using ICT and offering various services to the villages in order to promote the villagers’ skill and create job opportunities there.
According to forth development plan 10 thousands Rural ICT Offices were opened in the villages all over the country.
As the experts believe, developing the rural ICT has the main role on expanding the country and balanced developing the rural and is the main point of social justice.
Therefore a credit in the sum of 250 billion Tomans was calculated for executing rural ICT offices due to preparing the required infrastructure of e-government to serve electronically to 10 thousands villages.
And then not only some efforts done to lunch the offices and offer the services but rural communication was entered into a new phase since 4 years ago as many of provinces celebrated having communication in all their villages, too.
Currently the cost of establishing each rural ICT office is 20 million Tomans and its monthly current cost is 700 thousand Tomans and regards to the services offered there, each rural ICT office can cover 2 thousands persons.
According to the announcement of Post Bank authorities, there are more than 1 million and 400 thousands rural bank account in these offices which there more than 130 billion Tomans capital of the villagers as rural ICT offices’ liquidity. As the experts believe this matter will be caused speedup of national monetary circulating naturally and it will be followed by national expansion.
80 percent of this 130 billion Tomans have to be granted to the villagers in the shape of facilities. Post prepares also shopping post service to them in spite of current services and they can shop their favorite goods or services from the websites and receive by shopping post service.
Also there are some contracts concluded with Insurance Main Office and Health services, Book Publication Company, House Foundation Association, Coupon Distribution, Distributing of the benefit of Granted Shares in the villages, and etc. 140 billion Tomans of the benefit of Granted Shares was distributed by Post Bank less than one month.
Distributing the application of targeted subsidy plan, registering the volunteers in the college entrance examination, distributing grade sheet of the volunteers, distributing the fuel cards and the bills are the other works offered by these offices, too.
Currently more than 10 million rural trips have been omitted due to more than 170 million and 190 thousands transactions done in these offices; as the managers of Post Bank said.

The staff of Post passed also an active year. Therefore they created some huge consequences due to their endeavor. As the statistics said till the end of current Bahman (11th month of the year), the number of postal shipment received to more than 744 millions and per capita shipment was 10.4.
On the other hand this statistics pointed to a 21 percent rise of online shopping and do more than 106 million one in order to develop e-commerce.
The experts believe some huge evolutions will be occurring on the next year in this area.
Considering to the matters pointed to, it seems that we can name 1388, the solar year, as the year of deep and essential changes in ICT.

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