Deputy of Communication & Planning announced: Capital credits grow 108 percent

Deputy of Communication & Planning announced:
Capital credits grow 108 percent
"The credits of capital assets ownership” of the ministry have been grown about 108 percent from income-outcome miscellaneous class.

PR of the Ministry of ICT_ Abd-Khezr Kamrani, deputy of Communication & Planning, said: “The approved budget of the ministry in this year has been notified to execute to President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control by the Presidency.
“More than 90 percent of the income of the respective ministry is provided from income-outcome miscellaneous classes”, he added.
He pointed that therefore each year Ministry of ICT deposits its income to the treasurer from the classes such as “network concession fee” and “radio frequency fee” and according to the law some part of it is earmarked to ICT area.
Abd-Khezr Kamrani expressed: “Regarding to the approved budget of ministry of ICT, its incomes have been estimated about one thousand and 700 billion tomans which have grown about 47 percent as compared with the last year”. 
As he added part of this amount as “the credits of capital assets ownership” is earmarked to execute the codified plans in ICT area such as “improvement plan of radio waves spectrum management”.
Deputy of Communication & Planning explained: “Therefore “the credits of capital assets ownership” has totally grown 108 percent which the most growing of this sector has earmarked to ICT area”.
Abd-Khezr Kamrani referred to the name of current year which selected by Great Leader as “Double ambition, Double endeavor” and said: “We hope to execute the predicted plans in ministry of ICT as the pioneer by a perfect scheduling and “Double ambition, Double endeavor” as well as earmarking the current approved budget timely”.

Apr 10, 2010 16:02


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