Reza Taghipour announced: TIC will be evolved for new goals

Reza Taghipour announced: TIC will be evolved for new goals
Regarding to the defined goals for TIC, this company will be evolved with a great leap.
PR of Ministry of ICT – Reza Taghipour in farewell and introducing ceremony of managing director of TIC said: “TIC area is an area need to pass theoretical and design matters fast and enter them into the executive phase”.
By referring to the network orientation movement to unity, he added: “TIC should rise up its capacity fast to offer required SLA to the operators. ICT area, on the contrary of some areas, will face increasing of demand day after day therefore responding them needs a clear plan and double ambition”.  
First and second operator activation as well as founded necessities in IT area gives glad tidings of a huge bazaar and leap in this area as he believed.
Reza Taghipour explained about National Internet Network as National Main Network and said: “The core of this Network is located in TIC and has to be organized in cooperation with the operators”.
He referred to the targeted subsidy system and pointed that by executing this system shares would be relocated in gross domestic product. As he said ICT would be one of high opportunity sectors in this evolution.
Minister of ICT talked about the defined goals for TIC and expressed: “This Company should make the required capacity to respond perfectly to the society’s needs during the fifth plan”.
He emphasized: “On the other hand quality of the offered services as well as making a safe infrastructure to demand the services should be considered by the managers of the Company”.
According to this report, in other part of this ceremony, Mahmoud Khosravi, CEO of TIC gave priority of TIC to make a safe, secure and stable communication and said: “Some effective steps have been taken to use the new technology in TIC. But from now on we should be match with the new requirements, too.”
He emphasized on the importance of making a positive interaction with the clients and added: “One of our most important clients is the operator which we should deal with them with respect to the mutual rights”.
He called privatization in telecommunication as a significant event and said: “Active operators’ required facilities should be provided in ICT area. We face with a huge work in infrastructure area so the former plans and schedules should be followed as before and the new requirements should be recognized to step forward”.

Apr 10, 2010 16:02


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