Reza Taghipour announced: 1389 is the year of attention to the missions

Reza Taghipour announced: 1389 is the year of attention to the missions
Regarding to the evolutions happened last year, in the New Year and according to the reconstruction; the missions have to be reviewed and considered.

 PR of Ministry of ICT – Reza Taghipour in Nowruz meeting with the managers and staff of the complex said: “Cession the responsibility and privatization of Telecommunication is one of the most important evolution of the last year”.
He added: “For reorganizing the rules and preparing the infrastructure of this area , the missions have to be reconsidered”.
Referring to the credits of the ministry in the current year, he explained that regarding to the efforts done by the experts and the managers, the situation of the ministry has been improved in the list of budget in this year and allocated a better situation to it.
"To achieve the defined goals in current year we have to do double and extra ambition to materialize the predicted aims”, minister of ICT added.
He pointed to good and proper qualitative development in communication area in 4th development plan and said: “In 5th development plan, developing ICT area is the top urgent matter for the governance”.
He emphasized on 6 codified main subjects and said: “at the beginning of this year the projects have been started and we hope to offer a large percentage of the services electronically to the users till the end of 10th cabinet’s period”.
He called the last year as the examination year for Iranian and expressed that Islamic Republic of Iran passed many examinations during the last year successfully.
Reza Taghipour added: “We hope to have a year full of goodness and bounty with glory and pride for all Iranian in 4th decade named as the decade of development and justice, regarding to the current peace and calmness”.
Apr 6, 2010 09:04


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