Happy Nowruz for the Journalist

Happy Nowruz for the Journalist
Rise morning wind and new day smell, In favor of friends and successful friends, Happy this year and all years, Happy this day and all days.



Another paper of the days turned over, another leaf of the time tree fall and the year of 1388 passed with all its good and bad events.
While the sleepy nature is awaken by spring's caress hand, you the journalist, as the honest courier and the narrator of the truth information and news, like spring, during the last year, caused wake of enthusiastic hearts for obtaining the newest scientific and technology information and consequences specially in ICT area.
Now at the beginning of the New Year and reaching Nowruz we found an excuse to appreciate the questioner dears who respected to the principle of trust and responsibility and provided a trusty relationship between the people and their honest servants. We prize this time and reminisce good memories of the last year and wish the best cooperation as usual in New Year in informing area.
Happy this blest traditional ancient tide which is accompany with buds to all of you, the honest news messengers. In this new solar year may God gives you greenery, happiness, success, productivity, effective activities, and luck.
Hope to be new every day as Nowruz in the new year, to be new our thoughts and ourselves.

Mar 17, 2010 10:37


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