CEO of TIC explained: Executive plans to make Iran as the regional HUB

CEO of TIC explained: Executive plans to make Iran as the regional HUB
8 domestic and international projects have been defined to make Iran as the regional HUB in hard-corporation with private sector to execute them.

 PR of Ministry of ICT – Mohammad Bagher Zohourifar, CEO of TIC said: "These projects have been defined regarding to the national plans and programs in ICT area especially for mutative development of IT as well as preparing required bandwidth to offer different services such as 3G mobile and WiMAX".
On the other hand and according to Ministry of ICT's plans due to 44 article implementation and the related private sector activation to execute these projects, he added that the required preparation has been done to invest internationally by the private sectors.
Mohammad Bagher Zohourifar explained that preparing domestic networks and providing contact points with international networks are essential to create a regional HUB and said: "Therefore due to prepare domestic networks, two great projects were defined. We hope they would be exploited at the next year ".
Some of these domestic projects are: implementing IP-based infrastructure transmission network as well as implementing core and super core networks as he explained.
"By executing these projects the network capacity will be enhanced several times than current situation so offering every services will be possible", he explained.
Referring to the studies and discussions done during the last 2 years to provide more contact points with international networks, he restated that in Persian Gulf area, except for Iran-Kuwait marine cables, Falcon project and Iran- UAE marine cable, in three other cases some technical investigations and discussions have been done with the administrators and the investors of the projects.
CEO of TIC noted: "Some parts of these projects are: GBT project implemented by a Qatari company and interconnected all Gulf countries to each other as a ring, TGN-EA project linked Iran to TGN network and provided international connection to all fiber optic networks".
The cable between Iran and UAE belongs to 15 years ago and now it is at end years, he added and emphasized that the other defined project in this area is to implement the second cable between Iran and UAE.
Mohammad Bagher Zohourifar named these projects as the backbone to turn Iran into the regional HUB and said: "It is proposed that, in north and northwest of the country, the number of contact points with the neighbors will be enriched by some discussions and we will be linked to international fiber optic networks by implementing some new projects".
He added: "Therefore a project has been defined for Caspian Sea's neighbors as well as fiber optic projects of Iran-Armenia. Some proposals have been considered about international interconnections by Turkey, too". 


Mar 14, 2010 15:44


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