Reza Taghipour: ICT is the main way to have a Green Earth

Reza Taghipour: ICT is the main way to have a Green Earth
ICT development is discussed internationally as a main way to protect the Earth green.

PR of Ministry of ICT – Reza Taghipour at a symbolic ceremony in the Planting Day said: "Destructive gases generated by some of cars or factories threaten the environment currently".
He expressed that being green is one of the most favored necessity in all societies and restated: "ICT can have a unique role in this area. By these tools environmental pollutions generated by the cars and factories can be decreased incredibly".
"One of ICT's calling is to be effective in some areas such as traffic and industrial area therefore it has an important role to protect the environment and green Earth", he added.
Minister of ICT emphasized that one of the effective ways discussed in all of international associations and meetings to have a Green Planet is ICT.
He called 10th government as the first e-government and said: "one of the main discussed areas is e-welfare and e-healthy currently so the green environment and stopping the pollutions have been considered in the Cabinet plan". 


Mar 6, 2010 16:45


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