Minister: Iran Should Expand International, Bilateral Space Activities

Minister: Iran Should Expand International, Bilateral Space Activities
Iran is required to begin using space diplomacy and expand its international and bilateral activities in this sector, said the Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology.

Space industry has two basic pillars: Research and development as well as economy and use, Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi added addressing a ceremony to commemorate the National Day of Space Technology, according to a report by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

He said Iran has enormous capacity in space industry, adding It is a leading country in the fields of conducting space research and building and launching communications as well as remote-sensing satellites.

The minister stressed that Iran has achieved favorable results in building these two types of satellites.

Turning to Iranian researchers’ achievements in building and launching communications satellites, Azari Jahromi said, “Greater effort is required to bring the services provided by these satellites into public use. Effective coordination has been done to promote the use of space technologies in different fields.”

Sending a satellite into orbit is an important accomplishment, he stressed, adding domestically built research and remote-sensing satellites are among the Iranian elites’ achievements.

Iran possesses the capacity to develop domestic space technology on a daily basis, the minister said.

“At present, the time has come to use the capacities of domestic private sector. To this end, the Iranian Space Agency has placed formulating the country’s second 10-year space plan on its agenda.”

Feb 5, 2018 09:19


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