Promoting Micro-Credit for Start-Up SME’s/ ICT Welcomes Foreign investment For local SME’s

Promoting Micro-Credit for Start-Up SME’s/ ICT Welcomes Foreign investment For local SME’s
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, along with the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, and also the Deputy Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, signed a tripartite agreement today to support and promote an innovative model for financing new start-up businesses through attraction of micro-credit opportunities in Iran.

According to ICT’s Public Relation department, in the ceremony held for signing of the agreement on SME Start-Up Financing Models, The ICT Minister announced the plans for guiding micro-finances of 100 to 500 million Rial range toward new start-up projects, stating that: “One of the top future priorities of our country is developing and promoting digital economy.”
Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi put emphasis on the fact that digital economy area is considered as one of the top developmental capacities of the country, saying that: “Different countries have started their planning for designing and developing the related strategies of this sector; and in our country, we are already getting to the final stages of the planning phase.”
He referred to Iran’s skilled and expert human resources’ capacity for developing and promoting digital economy, expressing that: “Great opportunities exist in start-up businesses for graduates of this sector; and to help, support and promote the growth of this area, and to provide the required finances, we signed an agreement today with ministries of Economy and Labor, so that local and foreign investors can provide a portion of the finances required by this SME businesses, thus actually becoming partners to these start-up projects.”

Jan 14, 2018 09:28


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