ICT Minister Emphasizes Citizen Privacy Rights

ICT Minister Emphasizes Citizen Privacy Rights
The Minister for Communication and Information Technology underscored that: “We are living in the golden age of progressing toward technologies such as IOT, Big data, and Cloud computing; where we have to do our outmost for obtaining the desired objectives.”

ICT’s PR department reports that Azari Jahromi, stating that people require safe, cheap, and high-speed access within cyberspace, highlighted the importance of the technology sector for the people to achieve privacy rights for the citizens, saying that: “Communication is an appropriate tool for attaining the objectives of citizen’s rights and realization of social justice throughout the society.”

He asserted that: “We have a duty to supervise quality, which, in addition to legal issues, is considered the first tool available to managers for assessing public opinion.”

Emphasizing the protection of citizen’s privacy rights, the ICT Minister said that: “The expectation level of our citizens regarding their rights, and the responsibilities of related officials, has increased dramatically; therefore, one cannot be indifferent toward protecting the privacy rights of the citizens, and no excuse is acceptable.”

Stating that the operators should be very thorough in protecting their subscriber data, Azari Jahromi concluded by reporting that all Iranian cities are going to be connected to 3G and 4G mobile networks by the end of February according to the existing agenda, adding that: “Out of a total number of 1243 cities, only 40 remain unconnected to 3G networks; while 740 cities are already hooked up to 4G networks.”

Dec 26, 2017 09:01


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