Azari Jahromi and Guluzade Discuss Mutual Issues

Azari Jahromi and Guluzade Discuss Mutual Issues
Minister of Communication and Information Technology has referred to the 40 percent income growth of the telecommunication sector in Iran, stating that: “Health and medical tourism is one of the reasons Azerbaijani people are visiting Iran, and it is my suggestion to plan ahead for joint cooperation measures for this new horizon.”

According to ICT’s Public Relations, Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, Minister of Communication and Information Technology, congratulated the celebration day honoring the birth of the Holy Prophet  in his meeting with Ramin Guluzade, the Azeri Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, and stating that: “God-willing, by the decree of the President, we shall witness the considerable expansion of the cooperation level in this sector, and we can be good hosts for you back in Iran.”

He referred to the growth and progress of ICT sector during recent years, and reported of a $2 Billion investment by the government and a $6 Billion investment by the private sector.

Azari Jahromi, announced that if the growth pace of the telecommunication market is slow, instead the growth rate in IT sector is incredibly high and fast, asserting that: “Countries are calling this transformation or development, the Digital Economy, which is a unique and superb global opportunity; in such a way that in Iran alone, IT sector has been responsible for creating 150 thousand new jobs.”

He referred to the gradual and ultimate solution of the issues people were having with information technology, asserting that: “Health and medical tourism is one of the reasons attracting people of Azerbaijan to Iran, and it is my suggestion that we should devise a new cooperation plan for this new horizon.”

He underscored communication and information technology as the driving force behind economic development of the countries, and added that: “ICT creates jobs, provides welfare and boosts economy, therefore providing these services via mobile phone applications can be the solution to many issues among the people.

At the conclusion, Azari Jahromi invited the Communication Minister of Azerbaijan to visit Iran and have a first-hand experience from ICT developments there.

Ramin Guluzade, the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Communication Minister, highlighted ICT as the main axis for growth and development, saying: “Azerbaijan also has good start-up businesses, and I would like to suggest that these start-ups should visit each other countries, holding joint conferences.”

He expressed pleasure from hearing about new ideas in Iran and concluded that: “Joint cooperation in the area of start-up support and development can be beneficial to both our nations.”

Dec 6, 2017 16:39


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