Iran, Turkey Communication Ministers Meet in Azerbaijan

Iran, Turkey Communication Ministers Meet in Azerbaijan
The Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology highlighted cooperation opportunities in space, post, regulatory, and data transit sectors between Iran and Turkey, in his meeting with the Turkish Communication Minister.

ICT Public Relations department reports that, at the sidelines of Bakutel 2017 Exhibition in Azerbaijan, Mr. Eng. Azari Jahromi met with Ahmet Arslan, the Turkish Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication, pointing out the strong will of the political leaders of the two countries for further development of bilateral relations, and stating that: “These meetings are a unique opportunity for developing relations.”

He further asserted that: “The world is transforming in this sector, and in the area of digital economy we are also witnessing good progress and growth, and it seems that we are going to face a true major development.”

Azari Jahromi presented an example in digital economy, stressing that: “Today, the world’s largest transportation company, Uber, does not own a single vehicle, and that’s what digital economy is all about.”

He referred to potential cooperation areas between the two countries, adding that: “Both countries can cooperate in areas such as space industries, post, regulatory, data transit, and bilateral support in ITU arena, and can further develop this collaboration.”

The ICT Minister emphasized that: “We wish to see the realization of the agreement we signed in cyber security sector.”

In the continuation of this meeting, Mr. Ahmet Arslan, the Turkish Communication Minister also congratulated Azari Jahromi on his appointment as Iranian ICT Minister, and included that: “I am confident that your decisions are beneficial to the region, and I agree with you in regard to economic relations development, especially in communication sector.”

He asserted that: “Growth and development of e-Commerce is beneficial to both our countries and the region, and we should address the remaining minor issues to find a solution.”

Arslan proposed the formation of a joint task-group to study the existing issues in this area, which can also address the topic of cooperation development.

He emphasized that: “As for the topic of cyber security, considering its importance, we believe in international cooperation and we are ready to work with I.R. of Iran in this area.”

The Communication Minister of Turkey also commented about data transit cooperation, stating that: “Iran and Turkey can have a major role to play in data transit between Europe and Asia; and as we have had numerous meetings in this regard, I propose that we quickly form a joint commission to address this issue.”

He underscored that: “Turkey is in favor of the establishment of data connection via Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and China.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, Arslan asked the Iranian Minister to begin the joint efforts to study the space sector cooperation.

Dec 6, 2017 01:18


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