Iran, Azerbaijan aim for ICT Cooperation

Iran, Azerbaijan aim for ICT Cooperation
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, in his meeting with the President of Azerbaijan Republic, expressed his pleasure over present bilateral cooperation, stating that: “We are enjoying good cooperation in all sectors, especially in ICT where we have good capacity and facilities.”

He delivered the warm greetings of President Rouhani to the Azeri President, stating that: “Dr. Rouhani warmly acknowledges your message of condolence for Iranian earthquake victims, considering it an indicator of the close relations between the two countries.”

Mr. Eng. Azari Jahromi referred to the various areas for cooperation in political, economic, and agriculture sectors, including that: “There is a strong will to strengthen relations, in both parties.”

Underscoring the December 26th and 27th dates for the joint commission, he said that: “We have already coordinated mutual issues like Khoda-Afarin dam, and the technical meeting between the two ministries is being arranged. Also, we are pursuing the Caspian pharmaceutical project to its final solution.”

He emphasized that communication and information technology has brought about a revolution in the world, adding that: “Nowadays, the latest talking point around the globe is digital economy, and Iran has major plans for this topic on his agenda.”

He stressed that: “Old telecommunication systems and organizations are fading from memory, and IT companies are constantly growing.”

Eng. Azari Jahromi stated that Iran is looking for joint cooperation with ICT companies in Azerbaijan, saying: “To develop Digital Economy, we have to look into cooperation opportunities in agriculture, health care, and tourism sectors.”

ICT Minister went on to say: “There are nine Iranian start-up firms present in Bakutel, and they shall discuss cooperation possibilities in bilateral meetings.”

He reported of Iran’s preparedness for cooperation regarding the data transit project, stating that: “Instead of contending, we should focus on extending our cooperation.”

Mr. Azari Jahromi also referred to Europe-Persia Express Gateway (EPEG) project, adding that: “The south-north transit has begun via Iran, and we are interested in cooperating with Azerbaijan in this regard.”

He also mentioned Iran’s interest for cooperating in the space sector, including that: “We are also interested to further develop cooperation in the cyber security sector, where we have already signed agreements in the past.”

At this meeting, Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan Republic, also extended his warm greetings for the Iranian President, expressing that: “I have visited Iran twice, and we have met 10 times altogether, which is quite natural for a growing and developing relations.”

Stating that both countries can exchange bilateral cooperation agreements in various economic and political areas, he added that: “In my last visit to Iran, I invited President Rouhani to visit Azerbaijan and I am glad that I am going to meet him here.”

Ilham Aliyev emphasized that: “The topic of exchanging cooperation agreements is progressing nicely, and we intend to renovate the Astara railway to Russia, increasing the transit capacity of the current route.”

He expressed his hopefulness for the completion of the Rasht-Astara railroad route by both parties, thus enabling the railway connection between Russia, Iran and India.

The Azeri President referred to security cooperation between the two countries, saying: “I’m interested in witnessing the implementation of all our infrastructure agreements.”

Ilham Aliyev highlighted the good investments taken place in the transportation sector, adding that: “I can state that good measures have been taken in health care and pharmaceuticals; also positive actions have taken place in the automobile sector.”

He expressed pleasure on the increasing tourism traffic from Iran, saying that: “Almost one million Azeri tourists have visited Iran and I hope that number is going to keep increasing.”

The President of Azerbaijan Republic also congratulated Eng. Azari Jahromi on his recent appointment as the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, stating that: “I am glad that you are our guest in Azerbaijan, and I welcome our developing relations in all sectors and areas.”

Dec 5, 2017 21:27


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