Bright Horizon of the Iranian Space Sector

Bright Horizon of the Iranian Space Sector
Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Technology and President of Iranian Space Agency (ISA) has referred to promotional projects of his organization for the public, stating that: “All age groups are under consideration in this regard and it is our intention to familiarize everybody with the tasks and missions of ISA through various programs, trying to attract their interest and participation.”

According to the Public Relation Center of the ICT Ministry, Dr. Bahrami, Head of the ISA, who was paying a visit to the 23rd Press and News Agencies Exhibition, also counted the launching of student satellites as the short-term programs of the organization, adding that: “Working on remote sensing technology and achieving a proficiency level in this sector is a mid-term objective of the ISA.”

He asserted that: “In the low-orbit telecommunication sector and small clusters navigation, we are also going to have programs in place; and the current projection is for their realization within the next 10 years.”

Dr. Bahrami highlighted the launching of low-orbit satellites as one of the necessary and low-cost developmental objectives compared to regular satellite launches, saying: “We are optimistic that this issue will also be gradually realized.”

He further elaborated by expressing his pleasure from observing universities who are focused on training experts and specialists in space sector, and said: “One of the merits and success stories of our higher education system is the training of capable specialists.”

Head of the Iranian Space Agency also underscored ISA’s firm intention for establishing employment capacities for the graduates of this sector, stating that: “Through the progressive trend that we are going to witness in this sector, we shall also observe the growth and expansion of the employment opportunities in the private sector and in knowledge-oriented corporations.”

The ICT Deputy emphasized on the fact that these actions are a positive step toward employment creation in the sector, asserting that: “The Technical Deputy of ISA is seriously pursuing these topics and we hope that through the projected programs, we are going to have more satellite organizations in the ISA.”

Head of ISA highlighted Pars One project as a venue for pursuing these objectives, saying: “In this project, we are looking for companies who can take over the tasks, refrain from division, marshal domestic capabilities, while aiding us in achieving the desired objectives of the country in this sector.”

Nov 1, 2017 10:51


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