IoT Study Group Proposal for ITU

IoT Study Group Proposal for ITU
Dr. Yazdanian, Head of the ICT Faculty of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, reports of the holding of training courses and collaborating with International Telecommunications Union (ITU) within the framework of international cooperation, stating that: 'Through close collaboration with the ITU, the ICT Faculty is aiming to become the training hub of the region, therefore it has already managed to successfully hold three training courses at the regional level and is currently planning more courses for the future. '

According to Public Relations office of the ICT Ministry, he referred to the the membership of the faculty in the International Telecommunications Union, saying that:' In addition to training facilities, we are also looking to create active study groups in Iran, in research areas, so that their capacities can be used in domestication of highly specialized sectors.
He asserted that the ITU possess a number of these study groups, and it sends suggestions to member states via them; then each member domesticates those suggestions and proposals based on its own needs and priorities.'
Dr. Yazdanian continued by saying that, 'We are pursuing the establishment of such specialized study groups at the faculty and have started negotiating with ITU in this regard.'
He also referred to the proposal for establishment of the Internet of Things (IoT) study group, sent to ITU as a topic for starting the collaboration between the faculty and the ITU, and underscored that, 'Our concentration is on technology transfer, domestication, and IT technology management, and we intend to play our roles in this sector.'

Oct 24, 2017 15:42


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