Iran, Armenia, to Extend IT Collaboration

Iran, Armenia, to Extend IT Collaboration
The Minister of ICT, in his meeting with the Armenian Minister of Transportation, underlined topics such as cargo transit, cyber security, and postal exchange, as good areas for bilateral cooperation.

According to ICT Ministry's Public Relations, Mr. Eng. Azari Jahromi in his meeting with Vahan Mardirosian, referred to the long-lasting constructive relations between the two countries, stressing on further development of commercial relations.
Referring to the existing bilateral cooperation in the international transit area, he included that: ''Considering the tenfold increase in cargo transit from Iraq to Europe via Armenia within the last two years, it has been agreed that, through  tripartite negotiations, a similar arrangement can be implemented through Turkmenistan.''
Eng. Azari Jahromi reported of inviting ICT industry businessmen and specialists from Armenia to visit TELECOM  exhibition in Tehran, saying that: '' The presence and visiting of the Armenian IT sector from the  Telecom exhibition should be considered an opportunity for getting to know the capacities of the Iranian private sector and the possibilities for bilateral cooperation .''
He also discussed the formation of a committee from both countries for cooperation in cyber security sector, saying that:'' Increasing postal exchange between Iran and Armenia creates another area where we can further develop bilateral relations .''
The Iranian Communication minister also expressed hope that following these agreements we shall witness a many fold increase in the exchanges between the two countries. ''
Vahan Mardirosian, the Armenian Transport Minister also referred to deep rooted relations of Iran and Armenia, stating that : ''We are going to profoundly go over the topics discussed in this meeting, in very near future .''
He expressed hope that current level of bilateral cooperation in the areas of cargo transit, postal collaboration, information technology, and cyber security shall extend way beyond the present state. ''
Mardirosian reported of a joint decision to establish work groups to discuss the type and method of future cooperation, saying that: '' We are going to hold joint forums and conferences in this regard. ''
At the conclusion of the meeting, he invited the Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology to visit Armenia and further discuss the topics raised in today's meeting.


Oct 11, 2017 08:48


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