ICT Minister’s Message on World Post Day

ICT Minister’s Message on World Post Day
Mr. Eng. Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, issued a message on the occasion of October 9th, the World Post Day.

According to ICT’s Public Relation, the message states that:

 In the Name of the Almighty,

From ancient times, post has had an effective role in ancient land of Persia, and the ancient way-stations of the courier service, as a symbol of Postal Services, consists a portion of the history and identity of this land.

Through the passing of the ages, technological changes and the developments taking place in mankind’s lifestyle, Post is still maintaining its position as one of the safest and strongest communication structures of the world of men. Passage of time not only did not eliminate postal services; yet it was Post that persevered in its mission, through acquisition of modern technologies, and usage of IT based infrastructures, continuing to serve the people of the world and playing a very decisive role in our planet.

The National Post Company of the I.R. of Iran, keeping pace with global development, has maintained its position in providing services and answering the needs of the residents of remote places of our country through the tireless efforts and the expertise of its loyal and trustworthy personnel; our Post Company is renowned for its determined spirit in the Ministry of ICT, as a hardworking organization.

Public trust in the postal network of the country is the most precious capital for the National Post Company of the I.R. of Iran, a hard-earned trust which owes everything to the unselfish efforts of each and every one of our staff during the long years of our operations; something which should always be cherished and treasured by both the management and the personnel of this entity.

The progress and development of post, from traditional services to modern approaches, is only feasible through provision of quality services and working in a healthy competitive environment. Therefore, in difference to top-down requirements , this year we are going to issue authorizations for two private sector Post operators, and the direct outcome of this competitive environment is the growing quality of service-provision to the public and increasing general welfare.

Doubtlessly, the National Post Company of the I.R. of Iran will take to the road of progress with a quicker pace when it opts for benefitting from domestic capabilities, new Postal methods, adhering to international standards, the group effort of its staff, increased profits and income resulting from better service-provision, and paying attention to the welfare and livelihood of its personnel.

While congratulating the World Post Day, and thanking each and every one of my colleagues in the National Post Company of the I.R. of Iran, it is my hope and wish that the results of our collected efforts shall be the increased welfare and well-being of our fellow countrymen in all the regions of our country, and their increased trust in the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and its affiliates.


Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi,

Minister of Communication and Information Technology

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Oct 9, 2017 08:46


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