Mehri reports of Developing Postal Services in Iran

Mehri reports of Developing Postal Services in Iran
In a press conference, the Deputy Minister of ICT and Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Post Company of I.R. Iran, emphasized on Postal relations with all the countries in the word, telling reporters that: “We are currently negotiating with different countries and the outcomes are gradually becoming operational.”

According to the Public Relation Department of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (ICT), Mr. Mehri added that: “At the time being, we have tripartite and bilateral agreements with various countries, signed during the last four years; for example, bilateral agreements with China, Austria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iraq; and tripartite agreement with Vietnam, just to mention a few.”

Dr. Mehri referred to the fact that Iran joined Universal Postal Union (UPU) 140 years ago, just three years after its establishment, and said: “UPU is responsible for regulating the member states’ relationship with each other.”

Stating that UPU has a Council of Administration (CA), and a Postal Operations Council (POC), he added that Iran is active in both bodies, and referred to the holding of the World Post Forum in 2016, and the appointment to UPU’s Council of Administration with a majority vote, saying that: “This was a favorable achievement in the international arena for us.”

Dr. Mehri referred to successful holding of the 12th Asian Pacific Postal Union (APPU) Congress in Iran, as another achievement for Iran Post Co., including that: “At this congress, Iran Post Co. was appointed as the new head of the APPU’s Executive Council for the next four years.”

Next, he reported of the inauguration of 14 postal projects in presence of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, celebrating the World Post Day, stating that: “We pursue our cooperation with APPU within its own special framework; at the same time making necessary coordination with the Secretary General of the Asian Pacific Postal Union.”

The ICT Deputy asserted that: “Each year, within the framework of the APPU, a forum or congress is held in one of the member countries, where decisions are made regarding next year’s policies and strategies.”

He also reported of the reforms taking place in the structure of the APPU, saying: “In APPU, in addition to increasing the impact on the UPU, the internal agreements between the members are also followed up.”

It is mentionable that the Universal Postal Union was first formed 140 years ago with a membership of 22 countries and Iran Joined three years later. Each year, UPU makes the necessary arrangements and coordination to commemorate World Post Day, which is 9th of October. This year, the chosen theme of the World Post Day is, ‘Smart Post in service of people, competition, development and evolution’.

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