World Space Week Promotes Space Sciences: Jahromi

World Space Week Promotes Space Sciences: Jahromi
In a special ceremony, held at the commencement of World Space Week (held each year from October 4-10), the Minister of Communication and Information Technology underscored the fact that the objective of World Space Week should be the promotion of space sciences in the society, stating that: “In this week, it is our outmost duty to promote and support space sciences in our society and further develop the applied space services in parallel with technical development

According to a report by the PR department of the ICT Ministry, Mr. Eng. Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi asked for appropriate usage of space industry in our everyday living according to global standards, emphasizing that: “The important thing is to recognize our level and position in this arena in comparison with other countries.”
He referred to the role of survey satellites in agriculture and environmental crisis such as draught and natural disasters, adding that: “We need to develop our own comprehensive space map of the country, in order to avoid parallel activities and reach an appropriate labor division at a national level.”
Eng. Azari Jahromi went on to request the holding of various workshops during this week and the utilization of international capacities in this regard, including that: “Our motto in Iran’s space sector should be the discovery of the applications, the promotion of space sciences and the provision of various services in this area.”
The ICT Minister reported of the government’s earnest plan in this area, saying that: “Within the next 3 months, the preliminary draft of Iran’s Comprehensive Space Program will be prepared and presented for application of those services; the objective of which is to revolutionize this area with the help of domestic capabilities.”
Azari Jahromi concluded that: “Our sole responsibility isn’t simply to buy satellites and launch them into orbit. Of course that is important, but it should be done in such a way to also establish its strategic applications in the country.”

Oct 4, 2017 14:17


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