Doctor Vaezi in the news conference at Orumiyeh: We are setting up 10 documents of cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan

Doctor Vaezi in the news conference at Orumiyeh:  We are setting up 10 documents of cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan
Doctor Vaezi, with the Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan, after attending the economic meeting in Orumiyeh on Sunday, some moments ago, attended the press conference and reported the itineraries during the two past days, answered the questions of the Journalists.

According to the report by the center of PR and Information of the Ministry of Technology and Information, Doctor Vaezi, in the news conference, referring to the support of the private sector and planning to support more, said: we, during the past two years, prepared the all necessary documents, as well as we have had  agreement on numerous facilities

Doctor Vaezi added: these activities result in joint economic commission, of course with the support and measures taken by the presidents of the two countries was that there is trust between the two nations and on the other hand there was 70 percent of our business increase.

The Minister of information technology in another part of his speech said: the private sector of the two countries hoped to work good work together for having a good future.

On the financial and trade issues between the two countries, he said: on the banking issues we reached good points and made some decisions on the flights between the free zones of Makoo and Nakhchivan of Azerbaijan, as well as on easier rules for the area and some negotiations were done well at the national level aimed at opening the way for its merchants and other target was that we can, in the next ten days, when Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev invited by Doctor Rohani traveling to Tehran we can remove all obstacles facing trade cooperation of the private sector.  

Doctor Vaezi, in another part of his speech on solving the problems of customs and tourism said: about the visa issues we talked on the customs issues and this is a good news to those who live in border areas that from now on the people living in border area, by the mechanisms and arrangements made, can get a visa at the border.

He added: I think by the mechanisms set by Western Azarbayjan Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Azerbaijan Republic in the future, it is expected that transportation and communications will be more quickly and other point in connection with the conference is that it was welcomed well done and sixty company participants accompanied at the  conference the Minister and the businessmen from Nakhchivan autonomous Republic was attended the  conference and we hope to have achieved good results.

Doctor Vaezi finally on the agreements in the fields of agriculture and exports, said: on exports of agricultural products and industrial ones, good decisions were adopted by and on the other hand, considering the fact that we have joint border with Azerbaijan, we can also supply our requirements from Azerbaijan and also some negotiations on exports, agricultural tractors and nuts were made and I think we should attached more importance to this section and Since Azerbaijan people are hard-working, we will have greater cooperation that we can do so.

Mar 7, 2017 16:49


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