Holding the Eighth Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation between Iran and Malaysia in spring of next year

Holding the Eighth Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation between Iran and Malaysia in spring of next year
Minister of Communications and Information Technology, at the meeting with Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade of Malaysia, expressed the will of two countries for ties expansion and added: Eighth Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation development of the two countries will be held early next spring.

   According to the Center for Public Relations and Information of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Doctor Vaezi expressed hope to increase the level of bilateral ties that had fallen sharply the past few years, and also expressed high-ranking officials wills of the two countries to double the level for increasing the relationships and said: negotiations done today was we made effort to create a road map for the eighth joint economic Commission.
He regarded Attendance of 20 companies in the delegation of Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade and foreign trade representatives from various sectors, including the Central Bank, the largest bank in Malaysia, oil, gas, industry, automotive, and ICT areas, as a good news and told it is in line with an agreement made during a visit to Malaysia by Dr. Rouhani.
Minister of Communications and Information Technology, with emphasis on the cooperation of the private sector of both sides said: in the first step, the preferential tariff agreements and then free trade in the next step are in the agenda of the two countries.

 Doctor Vaezi, noted the common council of Iran and Malaysia as a supporting measure between the two countries in order to support the private sector and pointed out: the council was supported by both government and the private sector to enable the two countries private sectors to be active.

He also regarded Malaysia as a leading country in the field IT And ICT and added: the two countries' cooperation in the field of ICT and IT is very high and we are ready to cooperate on research and development as well.
He also talks on petrochemical exports to Malaysia and said: according to representatives of Petronas and al-Bukhari in Iran, we can have oil and gas related cooperation as well.
He regarded technical cooperation in the field of tourism and other areas of cooperation as the ot5her areas for cooperation and said: despite the good areas of cooperation, we can expand and began to restore the relations between the two countries prior to sanctions removal.

 S. Mostafa Mohammad, Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, also expressed hopes that the talks took place during Dr. Rouhani travel to Malaysia, and said: the two countries have good cooperation in the fields of economic cooperation, political and social, scientific, educational affairs, and in this regard, in the next year we follow up joint Commission for economic cooperation between the two countries.

 He regarded trade, investment, tourism, education, research and development, ICT And the automobile industry, as the issues outlined in the Joint Commission and added that the Iranian side presented their proposals in this regard to be the basis for bilateral cooperation in the Joint Commission.

 Malaysia's Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade pointed to the increasing trade level between the two countries and insisted on doubling the level of Iran-Malaysia relations and said: the two sides need agreement on the problems of supply of the needed goods.

 Welcoming signing the preferential tariff agreement, he regarded it as the way for expanding cooperation with Iran as said: Malaysia has agreement with a number of countries on Preferential Tariff and free Trade and we hope to sign the same with Iran in this regard.

 Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Malaysia, regarded oil and gas among the important issues of bilateral relations, and said: Petronas and Al-Bukhari are interested to start their work immediately in Iran.

 He also regarded the representatives of the central banks of the two countries meet as an important factor in accelerating the transport facility of the two countries and expressed hopes that the two countries will expand bilateral relations.

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