Azerbaijan Minister of Communications of meets with Mr. Mehri, the Engineer Emphasis on cooperation in the field of e-commerce

Azerbaijan Minister of Communications of meets with Mr. Mehri, the Engineer  Emphasis on cooperation in the field of e-commerce
Amin Gholizdeh, Minister of Communication and New Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic, met with National Post Company Managing Director and both parties agreed on bilateral cooperation.

  According to the Center for Public Relations and Information of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Mehri, at the meeting, outlines the actions and activities of the National Post Company, especially in the field of e-commerce payment.

 He pointed out that the mutual cooperation between the two countries is in a good position, and expressed hope that the Memorandum of Congress in Istanbul, attended by ministers of both countries, can be rapidly performed.

 Referring to the features and capabilities of the country's postal network for the points of contact and postal offices of Iran, he said: Iran has 10 thousand post offices of ICT and 6 thousand Public Office Providing Centers in rural and urban locations, as well as a thousand 600 trucks and vans in the transportation of the items working in collaboration with private sectors. 
Mr. Mehri said also 3 thousand and 200 rural lines are managed by the private sector to exchange and collect the postal packs.

 Managing Director of post company, with a reference to the adoption of the new articles of association, said: over the past few next months, accordance with the new constitution, within a year, two private sectors will be introduced as the post operators. 

Mr. Mehri regarded posts portals as important electronic services at national post company and said: 38 companies were registered in the port and two million active online store and e-mail system are active, and the internet market is also one of the companies covered by the portal.

 He said: development of e-commerce for essential post offices and continued that since the beginning of e-commerce, 2.5 million of traffics have been absorbed in Iran.

 His regarded post logistics as the other areas of cooperation between the two countries and said: certainly implementation of post logistics and storage of goods, in the two countries, will cause greater efficiency and better service.

 The Chairman of post company, expressing that post office already has had the plan for establishing new storage for goods in Iran said: by cooperation of private sector and creating the necessary infrastructure, the similar system can be made in Azerbaijan. 

Then the Minister of Communications of Azerbaijan welcomed the expansion of ties between the posts system of two countries and expressed hope that Azerbaijan posts system can benefits from the experience and the ability of Iran in future.

 Pointed the postal parts of Azerbaijan he said: In our country, 1500 points, especially in rural areas, exists and there is no such system in any other country.

 Amin Gholizdeh emphasized on the development of electronic commerce between the two countries and noted that this cooperation can be done through the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding between the parties to create a common web products and goods for the two countries to be introduced.

He said that the future of post depends on e-commerce and if we could cooperate with each other in the commercialization of our plans, we can reach a good level of success.

 Azerbaijan's Minister of Communications, referring to the cultural affinity of the two friendly countries and neighbors expressed hope that, with strong determination presidents and ministers of the two countries, more effective joint activities can be done we can take effective measures. 

According to this report, Amin Gholizdeh also visited the sections of post department of District 15.


Oct 29, 2016 15:39


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