Agreement on Iran and Luxemburg Joint Venture on ICT

Agreement on Iran and Luxemburg Joint Venture on ICT
Minister of Communications and Information Technology, at the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg, evaluating the assessment of the talks positive of the two sides said: In this meeting an agreement was reached on joint venture expansion and ties on ICT.

According to the report by the Center for Public Relations and Information of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Doctor Vaezi, with reference to the dialogue on various issues in the meeting, continued that collective cooperation with Luxembourg in Europe and a member of the presidency of Iran the ECO was discussed. 

He also stated the talks with Luxembourg Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Central Bank President and added that: in this meeting, by signing the agreement on the mutual protection of investment, it can be hoped to expand ties. 

Minister of Communications, referring to investment in Luxembourg on ICT, Continued to say that: morrow, with the participation of all sectors of the Ministry and Luxembourg experts, the Joint Committee of experts on both sides starts to work at the Ministry of Communication and discuss future cooperation more. 

As Doctor Vaezi stated the issue of satellite was the other subject of the discussion at the meeting that the two sides agreed to continue the related talk. 

Minister of Communications stated that the cooperation on research and academic centers by the two sides was the other issue as saying: cooperation and exchange in these negotiations was conducted as well.
Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg also noted the positive meeting with an emphasis on ancient history of Iran and especially the educated youth empowerment in Iran and said: I hope the continuation of economic cooperation. 
Etienne Schneider, who entered Iran with economic team and representatives of the 40 ICT companies, regarded Luxemburg as important center of economic activity and said: Luxembourg investment fund with a turnover of 3,500 billion euros is interested, considering lifting of sanctions against Iran, to hav cooperation with Iran. 

He regarded biotechnology, automotive and communications and information technology and other fields for cooperation by the two countries.

 Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg, referring a joint committee for collaboration with the Ministry of Communications which will begin its work tomorrow, said: agreement on cooperation in the field of communications and information technology was reached by Iran and Luxembourg.

 He regarded research, study and joint ventures among those areas and said: Iran can be our gateway to the Asian market and hence the Luxembourg investment fund is interested in presence in the Iranian market. 

Oct 29, 2016 15:30


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