Vaezi Meets Estonian Minister of Infrastructure

Vaezi Meets Estonian Minister of Infrastructure
Dr. Vaezi, on his European visit, has met today with the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure of Estonia, Mr. Kristen Michal.

The Public Relation Center of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology reports that, in this meeting, Dr. Vaezi referred to the visit of the Estonian FM and the accompanying delegation to Iran early this year, saying: “The visit of the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs and his negotiations in Tehran were strategic and effective.”

Vaezi described Estonia’s progresses in the field of communication and information technology, stating that: “The government of Estonia, through establishment of e-governance, has created opportunities and facilitated various areas like transportation, banking services, sanitation and healthcare, personal affairs, tax system, training and education, customs and many more, for its citizens.”

He stated Iran’s interest in having cooperation with Estonia in all sectors of e-governance, saying: “Iran is ready and interested in witnessing collaboration and participation between the private sectors of both countries.”

Vaezi further added: “Both countries’ private sectors can exchange experiences and transfer technology in various areas, including the field of ICT.”

In this meeting, Kristen Michal, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure of Estonia highlighted some of the unique characteristics of Iran, saying that: “Iran is a vast country with rich natural and human resources, and Estonia is very interested in cooperating with this influential nation.”

He further stated that a major portion of this cooperation will be an economic one, saying: “We are also interested to cooperate with Iran regarding economy, and communication and information technology, and we intend to remove possible bureaucratic and administrative obstacles, such as banking facilities, creating a more constructive environment.”

The Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure emphasized on ICT sector as the top priority of his country, adding that: “We have made extensive investments in this sector so that Estonian citizens can enjoy full access to the latest global technologies, and we are fully prepared to share these achievements and experiences with I.R. of Iran.”

Oct 3, 2016 14:17


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