Iran, Nokia Sign LTE-TDD Development Deal

Iran, Nokia Sign LTE-TDD Development Deal
Iran’s LTE-TDD Frequency Holders Consortium has signed an M.O.U. with the Finnish Corporation Nokia, for development of this technology in Iran.

 In an official ceremony, in presence of Iran and Finland’s Communication Ministers, the Managing Director of Nokia and the Chairman of Iran’s Shatel Company, as the representative of LTE-TDD Frequency Holders Consortium, have signed a cooperation agreement for developing this technology in our country.

Based on this agreement, Nokia is supposed to provide technical know-how and methodologies for implementation of LTE-TDD services in Iran. Nokia Company, with a staff of 114.000 personnel, and annual revenue of 27 Billion Euros is one of the top companies in the world possessing technical know-how in the field of mobile network.

About a month ago, a consortium whose major shareholders consisted of Iranian companies such as Shatel, Hiweb, Pishgaman Kavir Yazd, and Asiatech, managed to won a tender for implementation of LTE-TDD Frequency held by Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of The I.R. of Iran.

Fixed Communication Provider (FCP) license holder companies who want to enter this market can benefit from the facilities and possibilities of this consortium, providing their services based on LTE-TDD. With the help of LTE-TDD technology, free from the copper-wire network, internet companies can offer high-speed wireless internet services up to 150 mbps.

Based on the consortium’s agenda, new services based on this new network will become operational within 6 months in major cities of Iran, provided publicly to all end-users.

Oct 3, 2016 14:14


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