Vaezi Tours Nokia HQ

Vaezi Tours Nokia HQ
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, in his visit of the Nokia Company, stated that Iran’s market is not only a market for selling goods and buying equipment, adding: “Revising corporate policies, and creating add-value, such as domestication of manufacturing process with the participation of specialists and Iranian labor force, is an absolute necessity.”

According to ICT Ministry Public Relation, Dr. Vaezi paid a visit to Nokia HQ in Finland yesterday, holding a meeting with Nokia CEO and other officials of this company.

In this meeting, Vaezi conducted extensive negotiations with Nokia officials based on the long history of Nokia’s presence and economic and industrial activities alongside Iranian communication and telecommunication companies, and later, inspected the latest technological achievements of this company in the field of communication and information technology.

Vaezi expressed in this meeting that ICT Ministry welcomes companies interested in technology transfer and implementation of joint projects and domesticating product manufacturing for regional and local markets, stating that: “Based on Nokia’s experience and long record in Iranian market, to further develop this cooperation it is required to have Finland’s government collaboration and support, such as financing related projects with the participation of ICT sector public and private corporations, including chosen active Iranian operators, to establish its presence through investment efforts in the competitive Iranian market based on established factors and criteria.”

He also emphasized that: “Iranian market is not an exclusive one for selling goods and buying equipment and in the new environment established in the country and the warm reception of credited companies applying for the ICT sector, it is essential to review corporate policies and create add-value, including domesticated manufacturing with the participation of specialists and Iranian labor force.”

It should be mentioned that Nokia Company is one of the world’s major corporations utilizing advanced technologies in the fields of communication and information technology and mobile networks.

Oct 3, 2016 14:10


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