Dr. Vaezi Discusses Rouhani Visit with Azerbaijan’s President

Dr. Vaezi Discusses Rouhani Visit with Azerbaijan’s President
To better prepare and organize for next week visit of the President of I.R. of Iran to Baku, Dr. Vaezi, already in Azerbaijan, has met with Ilham Aliyev, the Azeri President.

According to Public Relation Center of the ICT Ministry, in this meeting, Ilham Aliyev extended his warmest greetings to our President, expressing his satisfaction over his last year’s visit to Tehran, and said: “Under the management of the leaders of the two countries, a proper framework has been established as the essential infrastructure for our bilateral relations.”

In this session, Aliyev, in addition to thanking Dr. Rouhani for accepting his invitation for an official visit to Azerbaijan and participation in a bilateral conference, high-lighted the reviewing of the current relations and the signing of new documents between the officials of both countries as things which could create new opportunities for expanding bilateral relations.

Ilham Aliyev emphasized that never during the past 25 years the relations between two countries has been as developed as now, adding that: “Fortunately, we are witness to significant advances in the relationship between our countries, whether political, cultural, or economical, the fundamentals of which, in addition to political will and determination, relies on common cultural, religious, and historical backgrounds.”

The Azeri President, referred to the railroad construction project, and the completion of the North-South corridor as perfect examples of this cooperation, which not only benefits the two countries, also connects other nations by shipping and transiting goods and cargo via Iran and Azerbaijan.

While stating the readiness of his country for investing in Rasht-Astara route, he included that: “The responsible officials have already received their instructions in this regard.”

Aliyev underscored the connecting of the power grids of both countries and the exchange of energy during the peak seasons as another example of cooperation in this regard, and included that: “Joint collaboration in the Caspian Sea, which is considered the sea of peace and friendship, is another fine example of the bilateral interactions between us.”

The President of Azerbaijan announced his country’s decision for further facilitating travel and movements for the nationals of both countries and the removal of visa in the future, stating that: “The comings and goings of our nationals and also tourists shall result in increased understanding and the exchange of culture, commerce, science and education between our countries.”

Ilham Aliyev also referred to the safety and security of the borders of the two countries, highlighting the fact that I.R. of Iran is a security and stability anchor in spite of the existing instability in some of the nations of the region, stating that: “Iran’s efforts is going to increase security and stability in its neighboring countries, including Azerbaijan.”

He also mentioned the joint investment of Iran and Azerbaijan in car manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, asking for a hospital in Baku to be allocated to Iranian Doctors for threating Azeri nationals in this country.

Furthermore, he requested cooperation in agriculture and transportation, increasing flights between the two countries and various cities, and also tourism, announcing that: “I am going to warn any related official regarding any obstacle hampering our collaboration, including accelerating banking relations.”

In this meeting, Dr. Vaezi who is in Baku accompanied by a delegation of Iranian officials presented a report of the framework of relations and objectives of the Iranian delegation’s visit, plus the meetings and negotiations that have taken place during their stay, expressing hope that those objectives remain achievable through the preparations for the President’s visit to Azerbaijan.

He also welcomed the support extended by the government and people of Azerbaijan in expanding relations, expressing that: “The positive and constructive relations between our two countries, and the constant meetings and exchanging visits of the officials of both parties such as the Iran-Russia-Azerbaijan tripartite conference, are highly significant and contain a very important message in establishing regional stability, security, and cooperation between peace-seeking nations, and their fight against sectarianism and ethnocentrism.”

Aug 29, 2016 09:44


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