ICT Minister Leaves for Azerbaijan

ICT Minister Leaves for Azerbaijan
Dr. Vaezi, Minister of Communication and Information Technology and co-Chairman of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Azerbaijan left Tehran for Baku, leading a delegation tasked with coordinating and planning the visit of our President to Azerbaijan.

 According to ICT’s Public Relation department, Dr. Vaezi, the Iranian Communication Minister, and co-Chairman of Iran-Azerbaijan Joint Economic Commission has left for Baku, accompanied by a delegation, to coordinate and prepare for the official visit of the President of the I.R. of Iran.

At the first stage of this visit, Dr. Vaezi had a meeting with Ramin Guluzade, the Minister of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In this session, the parties discussed bilateral cooperation between their two ministries in the fields of communication and information technology, underscoring the role that both neighboring countries can effectively play in exchanging and sharing experiences, and technical and scientific and industrial achievements.

At this meeting, Dr. Vaezi referred to the accessibility of both countries as an exit and transit route for transferring data and voice, and also joint effort and coordination for modulating the frequency range in border cities of both nations, highlighting the undertaken actions in this regard as causes for satisfaction and lowering of costs for mobile phone users, and also audio and visual frequencies.

The Communication Minister also referred to space and satellite technology capacities as one of the exploitable topics suitable for collaboration between the two countries.

He included that: “We are fully prepared to work closely together in this area.”

Vaezi pointed out the importance of the presence of the private sector in the cooperation between the two nations, stating that: “One of the topics where there is a potential for bilateral cooperation, includes production of communication equipment and the related software.”

The ICT Minister underlined the development of cooperation, saying: “Research and development in communication and information technology area by experts and professional specialists is one of the high priorities of these collaborations.”

It should be mentioned that the ministers intend to sign a joint deal at the end of this visit, which shall also include their interest in further cooperation in international organizations and societies, like ITU and UPU.

Aug 22, 2016 11:39


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