Vaezi back from Moscow

Vaezi back from Moscow
Mahmoud Vaezi, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, who had traveled to Russia for a 4-day visit, leading a delegation of public and private sector officials and managers to meet high-ranking Russian officials in regard to expanding bilateral economic, industrial, and commercial relations, has left Moscow for Tehran, Friday evening.

 Public Relation Center of the ICT Ministry reports that Dr. Vaezi and his delegation arrived in Astrakhan province of Russia in Northwestern shores of the Caspian Sea, meeting provincial officials, including the governor, Alexander Zhilkin, negotiating about increasing inter-provincial commercial and agricultural cooperation with Iran, and also discussing marine transport and goods shipment, promising to do more to follow-up.

Vaezi and Mehdi Sanayee, Iranian Ambassador to Moscow, and also the Governor of Astrakhan spoke at the one-day economic conference held in presence of economy specialist and businessmen from both nations.

The Iranian co-Chairman of the Joint Economic Cooperation Commission of Iran and Russia also commenced his negotiations with Veronica Nikishina, Minister for Trade of the Eurasian Economic Union, which covered economic collaboration with this union within the framework of a free trade agreement.

The Communication Minister also met with Nikolay Nikiforov, the Minister for Communication and Mass Media, Denis Manturov, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Alexander Novak, the Russian Energy Minister and co-Chairman of the Joint Economic Cooperation Commission, and Alexander Tkachyov, the Minister of Agriculture, to negotiate cooperation development and further expansion of bilateral relations, which were all held in presence of the Iranian Ambassador.

Cooperation in space and telecommunication sectors, virtual networks, and astronaut training; development of industrial, economic, and agricultural relations; oil and gas cooperation, removing banking relations obstacles, bilateral import and export, consulting with the other party regarding the agenda of the future sessions of the Joint Commission, following-up on the contents of the previous agreements, were all part of the topics of the negotiations accomplished during the 4-day visit of the Iranian delegation.

Additionally, the economic website of the Iranian Embassy in Moscow was inaugurated in the presence of Vaezi, the Iranian Communication Minister, Alexander Novak, the Russian Energy Minister, and Mehdi Sanayee, Iranian Ambassador to Moscow; offering its services in two languages of Russian and Farsi, aiming for provision of related data and information to various commercial and economic sectors of both countries.

From the onset of the 11th government, Iran and Russia implemented a strategy to further expand bilateral cooperation and regional collaboration, breathing new life into their declining economic relations.

Aug 22, 2016 11:35


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