Vaezi Visits Astrakhan Region

Vaezi Visits Astrakhan Region
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, following his meeting with the Governor of Astrakhan, participated in the Trade Conference of Southern and Northern Federal Regions of the Caucasus, addressing the audience.

The ICT’s PR department reports that Dr. Vaezi, the Iranian Communication Minister, officially invited by Russian officials, arrived in Astrakhan region leading a delegation of public and private sector officials, and was received by Astrakhan’s Governor.

The ICT Minister had a meeting with Alexander Zhilkin and other officials of this region in Russia, expressing the interest of the people of both countries for expanding relations, and stated that: “Russia and especially the Astrakhan region have extensive ties with our people, especially in the northern provinces of Iran.”

He also underscored the potentials and capacities of Iran in developing commercial and economic activities, and emphasized on the importance of the interest of Iranian traders in the private sector of this region to support exchange of goods and products between the two countries, stating that: “We intend to utilize all these potentials to expand and strengthen exchange of goods and products between provinces of both countries.”

In this meeting, Vaezi referred to the increasing level of relations between the two countries through the excellent leadership of the top officials of Iran and Russia, and also the policies of the Government of Dr. Rouhani in expanding bilateral and multilateral relations in the region, stating that: “We are doing our best to remove potential obstacles, so that by benefitting from the present atmosphere of constructive relations, both countries can take the necessary steps toward increasing the level of interaction, especially creating opportunities and possibilities for the private sector.”

Following this meeting, Dr. Vaezi participated in the Trade Conference of Southern and Northern Federal Regions of the Caucasus, held in presence of a great many Russian merchants and traders, praising the private sector as the forerunner of trade and commerce in both countries, and underlining it as an important factor in increasing the volume of transactions and trade between the two countries.

He also referred to other steps taken, such as the green customs corridor, decreasing or total removal of customs tariff from some of the items being exported to Russia, establishment of direct flights to Astrakhan, facilitation of visa issuance for the private sector, encouraging tourism programs in both countries, and finding a solution for banking relations between Iran and Russia, expressing that: “Without doubt, by creating the necessary infrastructure we will witness an increase in our trade volume, provision of the needs and requirements of the public and the private sector, including construction materials, especially through the neighboring provinces of this republic.”

In this trade conference, Vaezi emphasized on the important role of the government in facilitating rules and regulations, creating the necessary channels for increasing consideration toward goods and passenger transport, especially railways and shipping lines, referring to the establishment of direct flights between Tehran and Astrakhan as a positive step in the right direction.

He added: “Provincial cooperation between neighboring provinces of the two countries can be the ideal model for extending this type of interaction to other sectors as the perfect guidelines for expanding bilateral relations.”

In this conference, the ICT Minister also referred to role and importance of the Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commissions, saying that: “With the emphasis of the Chairmen of the Joint Commission, inter-provincial cooperation was agreed on as a logical policy, and we fully back and support all the efforts of the inter-provincial officials.”

In the above-mentioned trade seminar, the governor of Astrakhan who had just visited neighboring countries announced that: “The policy of the Russian government is based on cooperating with others and providing the needs of the country via Iran.

He welcomed the expansion of tourism industry between the two countries, reporting of the established infrastructure in this sector.

It is mentionable that in this seminar, Ambassador of the I.R. of Iran in Russia, and the President of the Iranian Commerce and Development Organization also addressed the audience in separate speeches.

Aug 7, 2016 10:41


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