Fifth Joint Commission of Iran-Croatia to Be Held Soon

Fifth Joint Commission of Iran-Croatia to Be Held Soon
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, in his meeting with the Croatian Ministers of Economy, and Entrepreneurship and Crafts, emphasized on the expansion of economic relations between the two countries, especially in the field of ICT.

  The Public Relations Center of ICT Ministry reports that in this meeting, the parties discussed the development and expansion of relations between Iran and Croatia.

During this session, Dr. Vaezi underscored the visit of the Croatian President and his accompanying delegation as the opening of a new chapter in the relations of the two countries, stating that: “Iran and Croatia have a history of good relations and in the post sanctions era, our priority lies in developing relations with countries who already had a good and progressive relations with us.”

Mentioning the breakup of the former Yugoslavia and the establishment of the country of Croatia, he said that: “Iran was among the first nations who officially recognized Croatia and established its embassy in that new country.”

Dr. Vaezi mentioned various cooperation opportunities between the two countries, expressing his expectation that this official visit, together with the high-ranking economic delegation, can result in a good atmosphere for expanding bilateral cooperation; and hoping that in a very near future, the parties shall witness the commencement of the Fifth Session of the Joint Economic Commission.

He referred to the fact that in these days and times, ICT has become the promoter of development efforts, enabling and strengthening various sectors; and the Islamic Republic of Iran intends to expand business efforts in this area, also mentioning the considerable capacities for cooperation in this sector between Iran and Croatia.

Dr. Vaezi continued by referring to technological advancement of Iran in software and hardware, welcomed the cooperation of the private sectors of both nations in regard to ICT, stating that: “In the past, certain Croatian companies had invested in the communication sector, and considering the existence of various projects in this sector, we are prepared to attract investors in the field of ICT.”

He emphasized on the exchange and transfer of knowledge and experience between the two countries, expressing that: “There are opportunities for cooperation in the area of research and development between corporations, universities and research centers of Iran and Croatia in the ICT sector.”

In another part of his address, Vaezi mentioned the considerable and active presence of economic delegations from other countries in Iran as a direct outcome and result of the E5+1 negotiations, saying that: “These kind of occurrences were scarce in the past, but today with the facilitation of banking relations, insurance services, and shipping and transport expansion, we can observe the achievements of the nuclear agreement; it is our hope and wish that through correct and extensive publicity, people will become informed of all its aspects.”

He asserted that: “Horizons will keep on expanding and business environment will grow, enabling our people to witness and experiences the tangible improvement of work and commerce and the establishment of new job opportunities.”

The Croatian Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, also mentioned the establishment of an association in Croatia by European Union which has nine members and is tasked with supporting the business efforts of small corporations; and the Minister requested that Iran should join this association as the Tenth member; which the Iranian party postponed for further consideration before commenting.

The Minister included that Croatia is very interested as an EU member to play a more active part in the relations and cooperation between Iran and the European Union.

During this meeting, the Croatian Minister of Economy highlighted the presence of such a high-ranking delegation from Croatia in Iran as a perfect display of goodwill, and expressed his expectation that the level of interaction between the two countries will surpass the present level.

He also referred to the existing cooperation opportunities between Iran and Croatia in the ICT sector, announcing the readiness of the Croatian private sector active in the field of communication and information technology, with their Iranian counterparts.

May 29, 2016 12:14


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