Azeri Central Bank Governor and ICT Minister Discuss Relations

Azeri Central Bank Governor and ICT Minister Discuss Relations
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology has had a meeting with Elman Rustamov, the Governor of Azerbaijan’s Central Bank, following the expansion of economic relations and development of bilateral cooperation with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

 According to the report by Public Relation Center of the Ministry, Mr. Elman Rustamov, Azerbaijan’s Central Bank Governor, arrived this afternoon to meet with Dr. Vaezi, the Iranian Communication Minister, to discuss expansion of bilateral relations.

Dr. Vaezi, the co-Chairman of Iran-Azerbaijan Joint Economic Commission, referred to the important role of the Presidents of the two countries in the development of relations, stating that: “Banking relations have a great role to play in the economic relations of the two countries.”

The ICT Minister went on to say: “One of the things that can positively impact our economic relations is the Iran-Azerbaijan railroad, with an estimated 10 Million Tons of goods and products transit annually; and we hope that through mutual efforts we can reach those projected objectives in a very near future.”

He also emphasized that: “When the banks of Iran and Azerbaijan are finally in a position to provide necessary banking facilities, both to the public and private sectors, our trade transaction volume will reach the acceptable levels.”

The Governor of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan expressed that: “Today Iran personally provides for its local and domestic needs and the Iranian Banking system has managed to achieve a major undertaking from the commencement of the sanctions to this very date.”

He concluded by referring to the development of banking relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, adding that: “To establish this relation, a committee has been formed at the Deputy Governor level of the Central Banks of the two countries, with the responsibility of addressing the removal of existing obstacles in the banking cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan, and also facilitating the development of banking relations which include opening of new branches and establishing brokerage relations."

May 29, 2016 12:12


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